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A horrible accident caught on camera shows woman being hit in the eye with a dart by her boyfriend

by Myra E.

We’ve all heard the term ‘taking a bullet’ for someone, but would you ever take a dart for any one, that too in the eye? Turns out a woman in New York just did! In a horrible accident caught on camera, the woman’s boyfriend threw a dart aiming at the board behind her, but it pierced through her eye instead.

Just Fashion Now (UK)

Initially, she was very excited to be playing the game. (Image source: YouTube)

The video started out light-hearted and fun, but took a massive turn for the worse. The footage, which was presumably shot in a bar in Brooklyn, New York City, shows a young couple playing around jokingly.

The woman egged on her boyfriend to throw the dart in his hand towards the board right above her head on the wall behind her. She taunted him, saying, “Go, go you f***ing p***y, go!”

She then sat poised, waiting for him to make a move.

The boyfriend didn’t seem to want to play the game at first. (Image source: YouTube)

A third person, presumably another friend, was filming the entire gruesome scene. The woman shrieked with excitement and clapped as the first dart made it just inches above her head.

In the video, she said, “Almost, it was like an apple, it hit my head”. She yelped and then turned her head to remove the dart from the wall behind her, where it was wedged in it.

Just Fashion Now (UK)

The video was being filmed by a third friend. (Image source: YouTube)

The event started out fun and playful. (Image source: YouTube)

The woman sat poised waiting for her boyfriend to aim the dart. (Image source: YouTube)

While she was dislodging the first dart from the wall, the woman’s boyfriend made his second move, and a flying dart came towards her and hit her straight in the eye. For a second, the woman seemed frozen with shock.

She then quickly pulled out the dart and stood up with her hand on her eye. In the video, she can be heard shrieking with pain. Someone in the background yells, “F***,” as the lighthearted moment turns shockingly sour.

The second dart hit the woman in the eye as she was dislodging the first one from the wall behind her head. (Image source: YouTube)

Just Fashion Now (UK)

She pulled it out immediately and winced in pain. (Image source: YouTube)

The horrible accident may have left the young woman blind in one eye, though there has been no confirmation thus far. Unconfirmed reports say she was taken to a hospital for treatment, immediately following the event.

The girl may have been left partially blinded by the dart. (Image source: YouTube)

She covered her eye and cried out in pain. (Image source: YouTube)

One social media user commented on the incident aptly, saying, “All fun and games until someone loses an eye.”

Another user claimed that she heard a ‘squishy noise’ when the girlfriend pulled out the dart from her eye. Others pointed out that the video seems fake.

One user even summed up our feelings precisely by stating, “Saw a gif on reddit of a girl getting a dart thrown in her eye, and now my eye hurts.”

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