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Prince Harry and future Princess Meghan Markle met fertility doctors months before the Royal Wedding

by Rahma Altaf

Prince Harry and future-Princess Meghan Markle went for a consultation with a fertility doctor months before their Royal Wedding.

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The future princess’ 37th birthday coming up in August, and the couple felt it was important that she got checked to ensure she could get pregnant safely.

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Harry and Meghan went for consultation to a fertility doctor. (Image source: Instagram/The Royal Family)

The couple feels that Meghan should get checked before her biological clock runs out. (Image source: Instagram/The Royal Family)

A source told Radar“Harry and Meghan want to get pregnant as quickly as possible after their wedding.

It was also revealed, “They both know that as Meghan gets older, it can get increasingly harder to conceive – and they are both keenly aware of her vulnerability to health complications and the chance of miscarriage the older she gets.”

Harry and Meghan want to get pregnant as soon as possible. (Image source: Instagram/The Royal Family)

The former Suits actress has already agreed to look into ‘In vitro fertilization (IVF)’ in order to get pregnant in case difficulties arise in conceiving a baby normally. IVF is a method of fertilization in which the sperm and the egg are connected outside of the female body.

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According to the source, 33-year-old Prince Harry and 36-year-old Meghan have also consulted nutritionists and diet and exercise specialists to design a plan that would help the couple get pregnant immediately.

The couple have consulted nutritionists and other specialized doctors to design a plan which would quicken the pregnancy process. (Image source: Instagram/The Royal Family)

It was also revealed that the fact that Meghan is generally healthy and is fertile ‘immensely helped’ Harry’s decision to marry her. However, there was still ‘no chance’ that he would have pulled out of it, had that not been the case.

The source said, “Meghan has always looked after herself by eating healthily and doing a lot of exercise including yoga. Being in optimum health increases any woman’s chances of conceiving, and someone in Meghan’s shape should especially have no problem in that area.”

Harry’s decision to marry her was strengthened by the fact that Meghan was healthy. (Image source: Instagram/The Royal Family)

“The only issue is that she knows she is heading for the big 4-0, so knows the sooner she gets pregnant the better,” the source added.

Meghan Markle reportedly consulted London-based nutritionist, Melanie Brown, last year at her new Kensington Palace home. Brown gave Markle tips on how to stay fertile in order to conceive. Brown also said she has helped the future Princess with ‘pre-conceptual and pregnancy nutrition, including weight loss and gain and immune issues’.

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Meghan consulted nutritionist Melanie Brown on how to stay fertile. (Image source: Instagram/The Royal Family)

Since then, the couple has been frequently visiting other doctors to make sure nothing goes wrong after their wedding on May 19. Apart from Brown, Prince Harry has separately met with nutritionist Gabriela Peacock for consultation on how he can reduce his weight and increase his fertility.

Prince Harry has met with nutritionist Gabriela Peacock to receive consultation on how he can increase his fertility. (Image source: Instagram/The Royal Family)

According to sources, the Prince has been taking cleansing supplements and vitamins ‘religiously’ and has lost around seven pounds for not only the fertility but also the wedding.

Speaking to BBC’s Mishal Husain in an interview, the couple has already said they want to start a family in the ‘near future’.

At the time, Harry said he loves being the ‘fun uncle’ of William and Kate’s three kids: George and Louis, and Charlotte. He added, “Of course, I would love to have kids. I’m a godfather to quite a few of my friends’ children – five or six.”

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