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Giraffe dies after getting his head stuck between two tree branches in a zoo

by Shariq Vohra

A popular giraffe from a Chinese zoo died today after getting his neck trapped in a tree.

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The zookeepers and the authorities gave their best efforts in an attempt to save the giraffe but, unfortunately, it was too late.

Hairong had been living at the zoo for five years. (Image source: YouTube)

The popular giraffe was named Hairong and had lived in a zoo enclosure in the Kunming Zoo for five years. Hairong got his head stuck in between two thick branches while trying to scratch an itch.

The staff at the zoo put up a ladder to get close to the neck and cut off the thick branches, but his head was firmly lodged inside.

Hairong was trying to scratch an itch. (Image source: YouTube)

The zookeepers tried to help the popular giraffe. (Image source: YouTube)

The crowd at the zoo started to gather around as they witnessed the horrific death of the mammal.

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A bystander made a video of the incident, which went viral on social media. The video shows the mammal falling to the ground after being set loose from the branches.

People could not take their eyes off the horrific incident. (Image source: YouTube)

Unfortunately, the giraffe died. (Image source: YouTube)

As Hairong fell, he started to try to get up to his feet with the help of the zookeepers, but he was too injured to do so. The zoo authorities performed chest compressions on the animal. However, it didn’t help and the giraffe was pronounced dead by the zoo vet.

The mammal fell as soon as his neck was let free. (Image source: Youtube)

Hairong was helped up by the zookeepers. (Image source: YouTube)

The 10-year-old Hairong was a famous tourist attraction in the zoo located in the largest city in the Chinese province of Yunnan.

Giraffe smashes a window

Very recently, another giraffe video went viral, when the animal smashed its head into a car window at the West Midlands Safari Park in Bewdley, England.

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The couple freaked out and closed the window. (Image source: YouTube)

The glass smashed, injuring both the couple and the mammal. (Image source: YouTube)

A couple was visiting the park when they had the encounter with the giraffe coming into their car through the window. The woman was unsure how she felt about the massive mammal coming in, so she rolled the window up, but the giraffe smashed right into it.

An eyewitness told The Sun:

“Maybe you are not worried about your safety, but it is your duty, when you go into a safari, to consider the safety of the inmates of the safari, the lovely giraffe in this case.”

A playful giraffe entered the car from the window. (Image source: YouTube)

He also stated, “The giraffe looks playful. Instead of closing the glass she could have patted it. Missed a golden chance. Anyway, don’t do this with the tiger or wolves or hyena and never with the lions.”

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