Ghost Hunters 'Catch' Ghost in the Most Haunted House in Britain
Young Ghost Hunters from the YouTube channel, Ghost Quest, caught a ghost in one of Britain's most haunted houses, 30 East Drive, Pontefract.

Young Ghost Hunters from the YouTube channel, Ghost Quest, allegedly caught a ghost in one of Britain’s most haunted houses.

Often hailed as Britain’s most haunted, the house is located in Yorkshire, at 30 East Drive, Pontefrac.

The most haunted house in Britain. (Source: YouTube)

The entry contains a warning sign, telling users they are responsible for their safety if they choose to enter. (Source: YouTube)

Young Ghost Hunters from the YouTube channel, Ghost Quest, went on to find the answers to the ‘unexplained happenings’ at the 1950s era house. The group members are based in Yorkshire themselves, and have been known to give earthly explanations about all the paranormal activities taking place inside the house.

The house is arguably home to one of the most violent and infamous poltergeists in the world. It is said to have “supernatural disturbances by a poltergeist given the nickname ‘Fred’, included ‘throwing things around, freezing rooms down, creating water puddles and making noises'”


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According to the property’s website, there have been 288 recent happenings, which have been reported by people attempting to spend a night at the house. ‘Fred’ has been known to pull off notorious activities such as thrashing rooms, changing the positions of dolls, playing the piano, pouring milk, moving curtains, and opening doors, among others.

The paranormal activities were reportedly at their peak when the known original owners, the Prtichards, reported strange happenings. At one instance, Diane, the Pritchards’ daughter, was dragged upstairs by the neck. Joe and Jean, the parents of the house, claimed that they saw “a horrifying figure clothed in a black monk’s robes floating above their bed”.

The house is said to be haunted by a poltergeist. (Source: YouTube)

Everyone has failed to live in the house so far, or even spend a night. (Source: YouTube)

Tom Cunniff, a paranormal investigator, said, “[Fred is] a 16th-century monk who was found guilty and then hung to death for the rape and murder of a girl.”

Tom also found in his investigation that The Pritchard House was built on land that previously held the town gallows, and that ‘Fred’ had lived during the era of Henry the VIII.

Fred is a 16th-century monk who is now believed to be haunting the house. (Source: YouTube)

he Pritchard House was built on land that previously held the town gallows. (Source: YouTube)

To not “exacerbate the situation”, ouija boards and exorcisms are prohibited on the property.

While speaking to Unilad, 24-year-old camera operator of the Ghost Quest, Ben, said, “30 East Drive is an interesting location. It is a must on any investigators checklist as the stories and activity people have reported to have had experienced in that building is phenomenal. The strangest aspect of it for me was, in all honesty, how original the house is. It is still stuck in a time period of a bygone age.”

“That’s what I found the strangest. Paranormal-wise, I found it strange because why would a spirit be haunting this ordinary house and on such a great scale. This made us look into the history of the land the house sits on.”

Ben also said that he was looking for a logical explanation of the paranormal activities as a door was being knocked in front of him “on command”. Ben called it “pretty incredible”.

The researchers were looking for a logical explanation of the paranormal activities. (Source: YouTube)

They captured paranormal activity on camera. (Source: YouTube)

Ben also said that he captured the best possible paranormal activity on his SLS Camera when “Craig had a figure walk upon him”.

He also said, “There was also creaking floorboards and footsteps upstairs. Whether they were explainable as next door or not is debatable. We didn’t include it in the episode for that very reason.”

He concluded by saying that he does not confirm whether 30 East Drive, Pontefract, is haunted or not. All he could say that whatever it was over there is “very dark and sinister.

Whatever is in the house appears to be very dark. (Source: YouTube)

The house definitely has a presence, say researchers. (Source: YouTube)

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