A French waiter was just SHOT dead by a customer for slow service
SHOCKING: A French waiter was just shot dead by a customer in a small pizzeria after there was a delay in the service of his sandwich.

SHOCKING: A French waiter was just SHOT dead at a small pizzeria. The customer that shot him overreacted drastically to a slow sandwich delivery…

French waiter shot dead
(Image source: Instagram/chris_jackson_01)

The murder took place at a small pizzeria and sandwich restaurant located in east of Paris, called ‘Le Mistral in Noisy-Le-Grand’. The 28-year-old French waiter was shot dead at around 9:15PM on Friday.

The customer became angry with the server as his “sandwich wasn’t prepared quickly enough.” He then insulted the 28-year-old and shot him in the shoulder with a handgun.

 French waiter shot dead over slow service
(Image source: Instagram/ slcktmll_canik)

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The waiter’s colleagues quickly called the police. However, the paramedics were unable to revive the young server even after several attempts. He eventually passed away at the scene. Onlookers were shocked and dismayed at the scene as it unfolded.

The gunman had fled the scene by the time the police arrived. A 29-year-old woman commented about the tragic incident. She revealed that the restaurant in question had recently opened. She said it had not had any problems like this before, saying, “It is sad. It’s a quiet restaurant, without any problems.”

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The police is currently investigating the murder and trying to find the shooter.

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