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Egyptian Lawyer, Nabih al-Wahsh Speaks Out in Favor of Rape Culture, Saying it is Every Man’s “National Duty” to Rape a Woman Dressed Improperly

by Ayesha Qayyum

Egyptian Lawyer, Nabih Al-Wahsh in an interview with TV talk show “Infrad” on the channel,  Al-Assema gave a statement infuriating the Egyptian and feminists around the world.

The lawyer says that girls who wear ripped jeans should be harassed and raped and it’s the “National Duty” of every man to do so. His wrong and sexist comments have taken as an insult to the female gender in general.

Nabih al-Wahsh

The Egyptian Lawyer says that raping a women is national duty of every man. (Source: YouTube)

Nabih al-Wahsh claims that women wear the clothes with rips on purpose to lure men into harassing them. He believes that raping them would put sense of discipline in them and create self-respect.

“Any women on the street showing half of her hip, her bottom.” He got interrupted by the reporter but told her, “Let me finish please.”

“Do you know what I said?”, he continued. “I said raping women is a national duty.”

Nabih al-Wahsh

The news panel tried to stop the lawyer but he didn’t listen. (Source: YouTube)The reporter ended him again by saying, “This is sexual abuse on live TV.”

His comments offended the interviewer and the other personalities being interviewed.

“Are you happy when you see a girl walking down the street with half of her behind showing?”, asked Nabih.

“Do you think we don’t care about our girls?”, he added.

“I say that when a girl walks about like that, it is a patriotic duty to harass her sexually. And a national duty to rape her.”

“What she allows herself to do constitutes depravity.”

Nabih al-Wahsh

He also said that if a women gets rape she “deserved It”. (Source: YouTube)

The interview was conducted to discuss a draft law on prostitution and “inciting debauchery” when al-Wahsh got angry and gave this statement. He didn’t listen to the other panel when they tried to stop him mid-way.

His remarks have his career in jeopardy, and he is receiving strong backlash from the internet specifically the activists while Egypt’s Council for Women has condemned this act as well.

The council has decided to sue the lawyer and file a complaint against him to the Supreme Council for Media Regulation. They also urged the media not to give a chance to men like him to come on Television and utter filth.

Violence against women has been one major topic on the plates of many countries, but Naih seemed to have no respect or confirmation to real problems women face.

Nabih al-Wahsh

The lawyer says that the women wearing ripped jeans have no regard for themselves and by Raping them one can teach them self respect. (Source: Christian Vierig/Getty Images)

According to reports by international as well as national organizations, it came to light that more than 99% women in Egypt have been subjected to harassment in one way or another in their lives.

A survey conducted by UN women showed that more than 43% of Egypt men think that women crave attention. The majority believes that a woman likes and admires to be sexually harassed.

Maya Mursi, the head of women’s council said that the statements made by the lawyer are a “flagrant call” for rape.

Despite the consistent backlash, Nabih Al-Wahsh has refused to apologize and take his statement back.

He said, “My daughter would also deserve that (rape/harassment) if she decided to wear jeans that ripped from the back.”

It is not the first time Nabih has to pull ed a stunt like that. Last year in October, when he was engaged in a debate with an imam, he created chaos. The imam quoted the Islamic practice of hijab(headscarf) and that it is the choice of a woman and not compulsory which angered Al-Wahsh.

Nabih al-Wahsh

When an Imam said that a women has a free choice whether she wants to wear hijab or not, Nabih got angry and beat him with a shoe. (Source: FARSHAD USYAN/AFP/Getty Images)

When an Imam said that a woman has a free choice whether she wants to wear hijab or not, Nabih got angry and beat him with a shoe. (Source: FARSHAD USYAN/AFP/Getty Images)
“You’re an apostate! You’re an infidel”, shouted the lawyer

The imam also got angry and replied, “You’re mentally ill. You belong in a mental hospital.”

After this, the lawyer got up from his seat took his shoe off to hit the imam with it. Beating somebody with shoes is considered a great deal of insult in Egypt. Mr. Rashed, the imam, instinctively rushed at Nabih, who started hitting him repeatedly.

The fight turned out to be intense, and they broke a glass panel which had to be pulled off them by the crew.

He has also said that women should not be allowed to become lawyers or judges as they are not deemed “fit for that job.”

“If we let a woman become a judge, why shouldn’t she become Sheikh of Al-Azhar? Why shouldn’t she become the Mufti? Why don’t we all just go to Hell?! Will she issue me a fatwa while she is menstruating?!”, he exclaimed.

People have been condemning him on Twitter, and the locals feel ashamed because of his statements on national television.

One wrote: “It is a national duty to castrate Egyptian lawyer Nabih Wahsh and those of his kind before they can rape anybody.”

@ahmadalissa tweeted., “Unbelievable: lawyer Nabih Al on TV: raping girls who wear ripped trousers is a national patriotic duty: SHAME!” 

Nabih al-Wahsh

Memes about the lawyer has also started surfacing on Twitter. (Source: Billy’s Twitter)

One even called him an animal: “Allow me to introduce you to Nabih Al-Wahsh, This animal not be classified as human beings. “.

“Just as it get’s to the part telling us who he is, it won’t effing play! Anyway, his name is Nabih Al-Wahsh, and he’s a pig who should be in jail for encouraging the rape of this woman and others”, tweeted another.

Nabih also said that “Girls must respect themselves, so others respect them. Protecting morals is more important than protecting borders”.

In this video, you can see the comments the conservative Egyptian lawyer made about women.


People all over are united that a person like him should be banned and put into jail as he is not a human being. Women have come out onto streets with the banners saying, “Don’t tell me how to dress, tell them not to rape.”

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