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Dove Apologizes After Receiving Severe Backlash On Social Media for Racist Advertisement!

by Ammar Nasir

The soap company Dove is recently receiving a strong backlash, after their advert went viral online. In the advertisement, a brown woman is shown taking off her shirt and revealing herself to be a white woman!

Just Fashion Now (UK)

Dove hits with a wave of criticism after the incident.

Dove Racist Ad

Dove slammed for another racist ad. (Source: Facebook/naythemua)

Even though the picture has been deleted now, however the damage is already done. People are talking about the racist advertisement all over the social media. The viral image consists of four panel photograph, which shows a woman taking off a brown shirt and turning into a white woman.

The add also shows a third panel of some other woman, but it is not included in the heavily viral picture.

The picture was first shared by a makeup artist, Naomi Leann Blake, which then caused a rage on social media. The company eventually took it to their social media and apologized for the mistake.

“Dove is committed to representing the beauty of diversity,” Dove posted on their Facebook.

“In an image we posted this week, we missed the mark in thoughtfully representing women of color and we deeply regret the offense that it has caused. The feedback that has been shared is important to us and we’ll use it to guide us in the future.”

However, it wasn’t enough to calm down the people who get offended by the racist add. The company even took to Twitter in order to ease the anger that many people were feeling.

“An image we recently posted on Facebook missed the mark in representing women of color thoughtfully. We deeply regret the offense it caused,” the company further added.

Dove Racist Ad

Source: Twitter/ Dove

Just Fashion Now (UK)

But the social media users weren’t happy at all and they refused to accept the apology, criticizing the company for their insensitivity after quite a similar incident by hair care products company Shea Moisture in the month of April.

The makeup artist Naomi Leann Blake, also commented on Dove’s apology:

“You know what I’m not gonna say it… I’m gonna just say grab a black person at your company and ask them their honest opinion on this ad…what’s the message here… or look at this from another persons perspective and ask them what does this ad mean… and see what they say…”


One of the angry user said: “Lol did this even look right to y’all? I mean your whole team sat down and cleared this b******t right here? How?”

“Dear dove, I assure you us ‘women of color’ have actual skin with color, not a tan that you can remove. Thanks,” added another enraged user.

Some people had issues with the apology Dove offered, claiming even the apology is insensitive.

One of the user, Sonia Gupta, said: “This is the most non-apology apology I’ve seen all week. Are you joining the Trump administration now? WTF is that ad even supposed to mean?”

“Your image has me scared s**tless at taking my clothes off and there is no way I’d consider turning white a good result. Shameful,” tweeted another user.

On of the user said that this add shows that white supremacy is still alive.

As this is not the first time Dove has received criticism for racist adds, some users brought up the instances when the brand had questionable advertising strategies.

The users have also started to use the hashtag of “#BoycottDove” because of the insensitivity of the company.

Implying that white skin is the symbol of beauty clearly shows that white supremacy and racism is still alive!

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