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Luckiest Lottery: Canadian Teenager Wins $1000 a Week for the Rest of Her Life on 18th Birthday

by Myra E.

A lucky Canadian teenager from the province of Quebec has won a jackpot lottery on her 18th birthday! 

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Charlie Lagarde receiving her lottery money. Source: Twitter

Charlie Lagarde, who aspires to be a photographer, bought a lottery ticket, and some champagne, to celebrate her 18th birthday on 14th March.

Charlie Lagarde smiles for the cameras. Source: Instagram/ Loto Quebec Official

Upon her win, Charlie was given the choice between taking $1 million up front as a lump sum or receiving $1000 a week for life.

Charlie aspires to be a photographer.Source: Instagram

Charlie posing for a photo. Source: Facebook

The wise teenager chose the second option, after consultation with a financial adviser, since the $1000 annuity will not be taxed, as the lump sum would have been.

Charlie’s dream job would be to work for Nat Geo. Source: Instagram

Patrice Lavoie, a spokesperson for the lottery corporation told the Canadian Press that “it’s without taxes so it’s equivalent to a salary of more than $100,000 a year, so it’s a great start in life for that young lady.”

The aspiring photographer has her own website. Source: Instagram

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She added that this was the first lottery scratch-ticket the young girl had ever purchased and by luck, she “fell upon a winning ticket”. 

Charlie loves taking photos of her friends. Source: Instagram

Charlie wants to use her winnings to travel the world and study her passion further.

The young girl purchased the lottery ticket for her 18th birthday. Source: Instagram

Source: Facebook

The 18-year-old told Loto Quebec, “I want to study photography. One of my dreams would be to work for National Geographic”. 

Charlie likes capturing nature through her lens.Source: Instagram

On her website, Charlie described herself in the following words:
“I am a 17 year old girl who loves her passion. I want to show the beauty of life. Make you appreciate the little things in life that we do not pay attention to. Have fun!”

Charlie wants to travel with her winnings. Source: Instagram

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Charlie’s Instagram profile is filled with artist photographs of sceneries, nature, her friends and herself that clearly represent her skill as a photographer.

The teenager also wants to use her winnings to study her passion; photography. Source: Instagram

The young winner is from Anjou, Quebec and worked as a Sales Associate at Squish, a candy store, up until recently.

Charlie and a friend. Source: Facebook

Charlie has a lot of reason to be happy and thankful, for many winning the lottery is a dream come true.

A photo of the joyous teenager. Source: Facebook

One Twitter user expressed their concerns regarding Charlie’s recent win. The user aptly said the following:

Mr. Patrice Lavoie, a spokesperson for the lottery corporation also tweeted several times about the teenager’s win.

He also said, “The smile of a girl who buys a first lottery ticket on the day of her 18 years and earns $ 1000 per week for life, it looks like that! ?Bravo Charlie! And we wish you to realize your dream: a career in Nat Geo”

We hope you achieve all your dreams and goals, Charlie!

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  • Tom Brown
    April 2, 2018

    I’m so proud to hear of your good fortune. I’m a guy from Mississippi USA and have worked my entire life to gain what you have. I’ve bought and paid for my home and college for children while my wife stayed home and raised our kids. They are out on their own now. I feel a great since of accomplishment now. I hope you can wisely do the same.