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Just Fashion Now (UK)

Calling All White Chocolate Lovers! Cadbury Launches its Popular ‘Dream Bar’ in Ice-cream Form and it Looks Amazing!

by Areej

Cadbury has finally brought back its much-awaited ‘Dream’ white chocolate bar – in the form of ice cream sticks, just in time for summer in the UK.

Just Fashion Now (UK)

Cadbury launched its ‘Dream bar’ ice-cream stick. (Image source: Cadbury)

According to the website, Cadbury defined their latest addition as ‘vanilla flavor ice cream covered in Cadbury Dream white chocolate.’ 

Like other ice-cream packs, the 100ml ice-cream sticks will also be sold in packs of three, for £2.50, at all local supermarkets across the UK.

Dream bar ice-cream sticks would be available in every local store in the UK. (Image source: Twitter)

Image source: Twitter

The British multi-national company recently announced the return of the all-white chocolate ‘Dream bar’ which was discarded a few years after its launch in 2002, due to its unpopularity.

Cadbury first launched Dream bar in 2002. (Image source: Cadbury)

Just Fashion Now (UK)

The famous chocolate bar, Dream. (Image source: Twitter)

Over the years, chocolate lovers from all around the world have created a sensation on social media and demanded the return of the greatly missed white chocolate bars.

The white chocolate bar has also been called out as a ‘crowd pleaser’.

Just Fashion Now (UK)

Certain Twitter users have expressed their admiration towards the white chocolate bars and were concerned about its discontinuity in the market.

Although, Dream bars can still be bought at the supermarkets in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa, there have been no certainty that Cadbury would launch the popular treat again anytime soon.

Dream, white chocolate bar available in New Zealand. (Image source: Twitter)

Last month, the firm also launched its coconut-flavored chocolate bar in New Zealand and it has caused the chocolate brand, Bounty, some serious competition.

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