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Bride-To-Be and Bridesmaids Die in Tragic Plane Crash
A soon-to-be bride, Mina Basaran, and her bridesmaids died in a tragic plane crash on Sunday while returning from her bachelorette party in Dubai. 

Mina Basaran and her bridesmaids were killed in a tragic plane crash on Sunday while returning from her bachelorette party in Dubai.

Top: Mina and her bridesmaids pictured in their customised nightgowns. Bottom left and right: The plane crash carnage and bodies being lifted from it. (Source: Instagram)

Mina Basaran, a young bride-to-be of 28, and her entire bachelorette party died in a catastrophic plane crash in the Zagros mountain range, in Southern Iran, on Sunday, March 12th.

The location of the crash is about 230 miles south of Iran’s capital, Tehran.

Mina Basaran

Mina, pictured in her father’s private jet. (Source: Instagram)

The death toll is at eleven, as confirmed by local authorities. The plane was en route Istanbul from Sharjah when it burst into flames and then crashed, killing all passengers and crew members on board.


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The cause of the crash remains largely unknown. According to local news outlets, all those on-board and dead were females.

Mina Basaran

Mina Basaran poses on-board her private jet, with friends and crew members. (Source: Instagram)

Due to intense rains and wind in the mountain range, helicopters could not immediately land near the crash site and hence, bodies of the deceased have not yet made it down from the mountain.

Mina Basaran

Efforts to retrieve the bodies from the plane carnage are underway despite bad weather conditions. (Source: Instagram)

Ms. Basaran was in Dubai celebrating her upcoming nuptials to Murat Gezer, owner of print shop Metprint Baski Sistemler. The two were set to be wed on April 14th.

Basaran was actively posting on social media prior to the tragic plane crash. She is seen pictured below in the plane, with a string of red balloons.

Mina Basaran

Photo taken a day prior to the crash. (Source: Instagram)

Below, she is pictured with her bridesmaids, wearing a white nightgown, while her friends are in coordinated pink dressing gowns. The photo was taken at One and Only Royal Mirage Luxury Hotel in Dubai.

Mina Basaran

The happy bride and her closest friends. (Source: Instagram)

The bride-to-be had been celebrating with her seven best friends and bridesmaids in United Arab Emirates for the past few days. Little did they know that tragedy was about to strike their happy lives, just a few hours later. The girls also attended a Rita Ora concert one night prior to the plane crash.

The private plane that the Turkish heiress and her friends were traveling in was speculated to be owned by Mina’s father, Huseyin Basaran, chairman of Basaran Investment Holding in Turkey.

Mina Basaran

Mina Towers, a construction project by Mr. Basaran’s company, was named after his only daughter who was in line to run the family business. (Source: Instagram)


Ms. Basaran was part of her father’s company’s board of managers and reportedly in line to run the business. She had graduated from KOC University with a degree in Business Administration and later acquired a masters degree in London. The young socialite had also appeared in fashion magazines such as Vogue Turkey.

Mina Basaran

#bettertogether #RIPMinaBasaran (Source: Instagram)

The black box from the private jet has since been recovered by investigators. According to a final statement by Sharjah Civil Aviation Authorities, eight passengers have been reported in the crash, including six Turks and two Spaniards, along with three flight crew members.

They have also said that the plane ‘did not apply for maintenance procedures while on the ground of the airport’. Discovery of the black box is likely to lead to greater clarity as to the reason for the crash, once investigators listen to its recordings.

People have also taken to social media to react to the sad and horrific news of the young bride’s demise.

People took to Twitter to express their sympathies. (Source: Twitter)

Mina Basaran

Echoing everyone’s sentiments (Source: Twitter)

Mina Basaran

Our thoughts go out to the family and friends of the deceased. (Source: Twitter)

Female Alpha, you will be missed. #RIP (Source: Twitter)

Less than a month ago, an Iranian ATR-72 used for short regional flights crashed in Southern Iran, killing 65 passengers on board.

The reason for Mina Basaran’s sad demise is yet to be unearthed; investigations are underway.


  • K.hayes
    March 15, 2018

    God bless you all flying with the angels now. R.I.P ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️



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