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Bride Dies Tragically within a Few Hours of getting Married to the Love of Her Life; Family and Friends Devastated Over the Sudden Death

by Faryal

It is always unfortunate when two people who are in love get separated from each other. It is even more shocking and depressing when the two separate only a short while after their union in marriage.

Bride dies

Alistair and Jamieka share a kiss at their wedding. (Source: Alistair’s Facebook)

This is the story of Jamieka McCarthy Hardford, who tragically passed away only a few hours after joining her husband in holy matrimony.

Bride dies

Alistair puts an arm around Jamieka. (Source: Jamieka’s Facebook)

Jamieka was 26 years old when she suddenly passed away.

Bride dies

Alistair is really going to miss Jamieka. (Source: Jamieka’s Facebook)

Moreover, she married Alistair John at a beautiful ceremony in the island of Whangaparaoa Peninsula, New Zealand.

Bride dies

Alistair and Jamieka take a picture with their cat. (Source: Jamieka’s Facebook)

The two lovebirds were ready to start their new journey. Sadly, Jamieka died within a few hours of their wedding due to a bacterial infection.

Bride dies

Jamieka takes a picture with her dog. (Source: Jamieka’s Facebook)

According to the Auckland Regional Public Health Service, the death was caused by Meningococcal disease.

Bride dies

Jamieka, 13th September 1991- 10th December 2017. (Source: Linda’s Facebook)

Alistair told the New Zealand Herald, “Her passing was a huge shock to everybody, to lose her so quickly, and this has been incredibly difficult to process.”

Bride dies

Lovebirds, Alistair and Jamieka. (Source: Jamieka’s Facebook)

Numerous people have poured out their love and support for the family at this difficult time. Jamieka’s friends and family describe her as a beautiful and precious girl.

Bride dies

Jamieka’s photo on her funeral. (Source: Linda’s Facebook)

The New Zealand Herald further reported that she was known as “the most kind-hearted person in the world who loved life and she always put other before herself.”

Bride dies

Jamieka and Alistair separated too soon. (Source: Jamieka’s Facebook)

Moreover, “She was a beloved wife, daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece, cousin and friend. She will be missed forever.”

Bride dies

Alistair posts the details for Jamieka’s funeral. (Source: Linda’s Facebook)

Linda McCarthy, Jamieka’s mother took to her Facebook account to share her last thoughts on her wonderful daughter.

She wrote, “Our beautiful 1st born baby girl Jamie McCarthy-Ngapera was abruptly taken from her father, Will Catchakingi and I in mere hours after marrying the man she loves, Alistair John because of Meningococcal disease. A service will be held for all who would like to attend on Wednesday 13 December. Details will follow soon. Our door and hearts are open for everyone wishing to visit. You are all welcome anytime…. Our baby girl, gone too soon.”

Bride dies

Jamieka walks down the aisle with her father. (Source: Linda’s Facebook)

Jamieka looked absolutely drop dead gorgeous at her wedding ceremony. She was wearing a white sleeveless net gown with a long veil hanging behind.

Also, her hair looked spectacular slightly pinned on top and let loose from the bottom in blow dried curls.

Bride dies

Jamieka with her friends on her bridal shower. (Source: Jamieka’s Facebook)

As she walked down the aisle she had her father right beside her. She carried a bouquet of purple flowers in the other hand as she walked with her father arm in arm. Her face had the sweetest smile. One can tell she was extremely happy.

Bride dies

Alistair and Jamieka pose with a book. (Source: Jamieka’s Facebook)

The venue of the wedding was also beautiful. It had outdoors with green luscious grass all around. She had her close friends and family next to her on her special day.

Jamieka posted pictures of badges for the wedding. (Source: Jamieka’s Facebook)

Jamieka’s Facebook has many pictures with her husband Alistair and the two made a very cute couple.

Moreover, she had posted pictures depicting how excited she was for her wedding. Her profile picture also has her on her Bridal shower surrounded by her girlfriends.

Bride dies

Alistair and Jamieka look adorable together. (Source: Jamieka’s Facebook)

May Jamieka rest in peace.

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