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Global Warming has Caused These ARTivists to Take Action With Their Art
PangeaSeed Foundation is trying to raise awareness for global warming by joining up with ARTivists all across the globe to save the oceans through art!

With Global Warming on the rise, oceans are dying a slow death. For centuries people have carelessly abused, destroyed and pushed oceans to their limit without much thought about the consequences but ARTivists are now stepping up!

Activists are now rising to the cause and are speaking up against the endangerment of oceans because of global warming. Among all these voices, is a paintbrush painting its way through. Calling themselves ‘ARTivists’, these artists are inspiring change through their murals.

Global Warming

Glasson’s mural to raise awareness of ocean conservation. (Source: Barcroft Media)

PangeaSeed Foundation is an organization that is hoping to inspire worldwide change through their ‘ARTivism project – Sea Walls: Artists For Oceans’.

Since the program began in 2014, the organisation has collaborated with more than 200 artists of 25 different nationalities. By collaborating with artists across the globe, PangeaSeed Foundation have created nearly 300 murals in 12 countries!

Founder and Executive Director of the foundation, Tre’ Packard said: “As ARTivists, we believe that using our talent to raise social and environmental awareness can inspire positive change and action.”


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Global Warming

Arlin’s mural containing strong colors and delicate geometric shapes. (Source: Barcroft Media)

The director also explained why the ARTivists are so resilient: “Our oceans are the Earth’s life support system. They provide 70 per cent of the oxygen we breathe, a sixth of the animal protein people eat, medicines that keep us alive and healthy, and so much more.

“Human impact in the form of over-fishing, climate change, urban development, plastics and other forms of pollution are deteriorating the health of our seas.”
Global Warming

Mural of an octopus in Napier, New Zealand. (Source: Barcroft Media)

He believes that through public art, Sea Walls have the opportunity to translate fact into visual stories that engage the public and increase awareness.

All artists who contribute to Sea Walls volunteer their time and talent to the cause.
The organisation has traveled all over the world to deliver their conservation message including New Zealand, Canada and Mexico.

Their most recent project took them to Churchill, Canada. It was to generate awareness of the importance of preserving the so-called ‘polar bear capital of the world’.

Aside from being known for its polar bears, Churchill is also a Beluga Whale watching hot-spot and a birder’s paradise. It is also one of the best places to experience the northern lights.

Global Warming

A beluga whale is lit up by the northern lights. (Source: Barcroft Media)

Packard also explains the importance of activism and art, and their connection.

“Public art and activism can educate and inspire the global community to help save our seas.

“Regardless of your location – large metropolitan city or small seaside village like Churchill – the ocean supplies us with every second breath we take and life on Earth cannot exist without healthy oceans.

“We are excited to collaborate with The Polar Bear Fund to bring our unique message of ocean preservation to the Churchill community.”


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