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London fire emergency dealt by a hundred firefighters
London fire emergency dealt by a hundred firefighters. Twenty flats were destroyed in Barking, East London.

London fire emergency dealt by a hundred firefighters. Twenty flats were destroyed in Barking, East London.

hundred firefighters dealt with fire

(Image source: Twitter/London Fire Brigade)

A huge fire spread through twenty flats building that stand in East London at Barking. The fire lit up the entire block of flats. Although the cause for the fire is not yet discovered. No casualties have been reported. Except for a man and women who were treated on the scene for smoke inhalation.

The fire destroyed twenty flats. The smoke affected ten other flats as well. The fire spread across the six floors of the building rapidly shattering everything including the wooden balcony.

Although the whole team of firefighters stroke hard to prevent the damage, most of the building was destroyed.

A spokesperson for L&Q group said, “This property was built by a private company and is now owned by a private landlord.”

He also added,” As we have a large presence in the area, we have arranged for staff to open up our local office so we can assist residents. ”

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A hundred firefighters dealt with the fire on occasion

Fire crews from Barking, Dagenham, East Ham, and other surrounding stations got to the location at 3:31 p.m when the alarm was raised. Therefore, they managed to put out the fire at De Pass Gardens by 6 p.m.

hundred firefighters dealt with fire

(Image source: Twitter/ London Fire Brigade)

Moreover, the local Barking and Dogenham council accommodated a rest center for anyone who needs it for the time being. Fire station manager Andy Maloney also said, “Any residents who are affected by the fire are advised to go to the rest center at Thames View Community Centre on Bastable Road.”

He added, “Transport is available from De Pass Gardens to take people there.”

The station manager also said, “Crews worked really hard to put the fire out.”

Furthermore, Twitter user Venilia Batista described the fire as huge. She also pointed out that the builders had assured that the wooden cladding was fire redundant.

In addition to a hundred firefighters, fifteen fire engines came to handle the situation. The team also evacuated the homes and closed the roads to the public.

London Ambulance service also put its crew on standby. They additionally sent their hazardous area response team. It also dispatched an air ambulance.


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