600 dogs have attempted suicide at the Scottish 'haunted suicide bridge'
Around 600 hundred dogs have attempted suicide from the Overtoun bridge in Scotland. And all the dogs jumped from the exact same point! Some attribute it to supernatural forces.

Around 600 hundred dogs have attempted suicide from the Overtoun bridge in Scotland. And all the dogs jumped from the exact same point!

Experts are baffled and are unable to explain the mystery.

Overtoun Bridge

The Overtoun Bridge in Scotland. (Image source: Twitter/Unexplained World)

600 dogs have leaped from the bridge (Image source: Twitter/Misstery)

The bridge has a history of 160 years and has been responsible for the deaths of a specific kind of dogs: those with long snouts, such as German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers and Scottish Terriers.

A number of locals believe that the bridge as well as the Overtoun house is haunted by the spirit of ‘The White Lady of Overtoun’.


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Overtoun Bridge

The bridge is nicknamed as ‘Dog suicide bridge’. (Image source: Instagram/Overtoun Bridge)

Overtoun Bridge

Several documentaries have been made on Overtoun house and bridge. (Image source: Instagram/Overtoun Bridge)

Whatever the force is that has caused dogs to jump, it does not just affect animals; in 1994, Kevin Moy threw his two-week-old son off the bridge and then tried committing suicide by jumping off himself. However, he was pulled back by his wife and the bystanders, before the police arrested him. Unfortunately, the child could not survive the fall.

The bridge even carries a signpost warning people to keep their dogs on a lead.

Overtoun Bridge

The signpost warning against dog suicides at Overtoun Bridge. (Image source: Twitter/Ruben)

Dogs have continued to leap from the bridge, and this strange phenomenon has gone unexplained since as early as the 1950s. Experts believe that dogs might be attracted by the animals hiding under the bridge, causing them to leap.

Dr. David Sand of Animal Behavioral Clinic explains that it is impossible for dogs to attempt suicide. While dogs do sometimes stop eating and starve themselves to death, that is attributed to depression and not an active attempt at suicide. He elaborates that there could be other factors motivating dogs to carry out such a misadventure, one being mink urine.

Overtoun Bridge

Locals believe that the bridge is haunted. (Image source: Facebook)

Paul Owens, the author of ‘Baron of the Rainbow Bridge: Overtoun’s death leaping dog mystery’, argues that there is a supernatural presence on the bridge, forcing the dogs to leap.

The mystery behind the bridge has attracted worldwide attention and supernatural theories have been proposed so far, some even calling it the ‘Thin Place’ where afterlife and physical world meet.

Different theories have been put forward to explain the dogs’ bizarre behavior. However, there have been no solutions; the mystery bridge continues to claim lives of the dogs.


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