5-year-old Cancer Patient Wins Nerf Gun Battle Against Hospital Nurses
After multiple rounds of chemotherapy to fight against cancer, the 5-year-old cancer patient was entertained by hospital staff with a game.

Nurses at the Norton Children’s Hospital helped entertain 5-year-old cancer patient Drew Esposito with a nerf gun battle. The little one was prepared for the fight by wearing a superhero costume.

cancer patient
Drew Esposito wore a superhero costume along with his father while fighting the nurses. (Image Source: YouTube/ Inside Edition)

Inside Edition reported the heartwarming news. Nurse Taylor Bergman told the news outlet, “We were not prepared for him to be suited up in a superhero outfit with his dad helping him as well.”

Adding: “The costume was half-practical. Drew’s treatment requires him to be isolation, which requires us to wear gowns and masks quite often.”

nurse taylor
Nurse Taylor Bergman opened up about the emotional aspects of her job at the hospital. (Image Source: YouTube/ Inside Edition)

“We don’t have Nerf battles every shift and hour,” Bergman added, “but while we’re providing medical care and tending to his needs, it’s important for this age and all children that we treat to keep developing them, and part of that is play.”


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Talking about her hard line of work the nurse also revealed, “Anytime we can be superheroes and make a game out of taking medicine or achieving care goals is a really great day at work. It’s hard to understand what these kids go through. A lot of people have seen pain that loved ones have gone through in health care.”

5-year-old cancer patient
(Image Source: YouTube/ Inside Edition)

Concluding with, “Little Drew is the light of any room that he walks into.”

Drew was diagnosed with a brain tumor when he was only 4-years-old. Since then, he has been going through intensive chemotherapy sessions at the hospital.

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Drew’s father Jeremy Esposito also stated, “Drew is great. He’s heads and shoulders above where he was a few short weeks ago.”

5-year-old cancer patient
(Image Source: YouTube/ Inside Edition)

Watch the full video below:

Check out the hospital’s website to find how you can donate money for cancer patients!


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