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Lily Mae Sharp’s Mystery Suicide: ‘13 Reasons Why’ Inspired Prank Proves Fatal for Teenager

by Nayab

Lily Mae Sharp was a beautiful 13 year old. The teen had delicate features, shiny eyes and was “always happy and bubbly” according to her mother. Unfortunately, her mother had to bury her young daughter, as the teenage girl took her own life on May 18, 2017.


Lily was only 13 years old when she decided to kill herself. (Source: JustGiving)

Her death happened some time ago, but there’s an ongoing inquest into the case. The Crewe Coroner’s Court found a link between Lily’s mysterious action and popular Netflix show, ’13 Reasons Why.’

Apparently, Lily and her friends had filmed a prank video inspired by the show just a day before she hung herself.


Her family and friends think she was inspired by Netflix’s ’13 Reasons Why’. (Source: JustGiving)


Hannah Baker, the fictional teen who committed suicide in ’13 Reasons Why’. (Source: Instagram)

The video shows the teenager pretending to hang herself in the school toilets. Her friends gathered around her, recording the disturbing but allegedly comical episode. The girls constructed a makeshift noose out of toilet paper and proceeded to do the deed.


Her story also revolved around her high school, friends and family. (Source: Instagram)

Lily was found dead just a day after the prank video was filmed.

’13 Reasons Why’ stirred up a lot of controversy upon release. The show tells the story of a US teen who commits suicide because she is severely depressed. However, many parents who watched it spoke up against it, saying the show almost glorified suicide, making it seem like an attractive escape for stressed teens.


The fictional memorial for Hannah Baker; many parents say the show glorified the idea of suicide. (Source: Instagram)


Perhaps it’s because she got a lot of love after she died. (Source: Instagram)

It seems the show found its first victim. Alan Moore, the coroner who confirmed Lily’s suicide, seemed to think there may have been a connection between her action and the show. He also pointed out that he had seen no troubling behavior with her, and there were no red flags.


Hannah left her reasons behind in a tape for her friends to hear. (Source: Instagram)


The teen was transformed from a happy girl to one suffering from depression, much like Lily. (Source: Instagram)

“There was one or two episodes we have heard about, but not that would knit together to form a pattern to alert those who loved Lily that something was wrong,” he said. Moore also concluded that Lily’s act had been totally impulsive and not planned out over a period of time.

This was evident from her school counselor’s report. Lily had met her counselor just six days prior to her death. She looked, seemed and acted like a happy teenage girl. Her mother corroborated this assessment.


Just like Hannah, Lily was also bullied by people at school. (Source: Instagram)

She explained that their family had been going through “a tough time” after she and her ex-husband got divorced. However, she said her daughter had seemed happy and cheerful, as usual. She also mentioned the prank video and alluded to the Netflix series.

“I do wonder about that video,” she said. “She was watching a Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why, where I think that does bear some similarities. She had mentioned it a couple of times. She had her own Netflix log in.”


Her mother wonders whether she sympathized with Hannah Baker too much. (Source: Instagram)


Unlike Hannah’s, Lily’s story has not become clear. (Source: Instagram)


Lily’s mother wasn’t sure if her daughter had actually seen the show, but she had overheard her discussing it with some friends of hers.

Lily’s friends were supportive, but the little girl also had some bullies. Her head teacher reported that on the day of her death, Lily had been called a “slut” after she uploaded a live story on Snapchat or Instagram. However, he said that apparently had no bearing on her death.


Various JustGiving accounts have popped up to honor the girl, with generous amounts collected. (Source: JustGiving)

Something must have triggered the teenager. Her death is still being looked into to see if case workers can unearth any sort of reason. A JustGiving account has also been created in the girl’s honor. £6,246.31 have been raised so far.

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