Todd Phillips Clarifies Rumours About Joker Sequel
The comic-book inspired film already has a lot of Oscar buzz surrounding it, especially after winning at the Venice Film Festival.

Rumors about Joker 2 becoming official started circulating recently. However, director Todd Phillips has clarified the rumors.

Joaquin Phoenix preparing for Joker
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The Hollywood Reporter reported that Todd Phillips met with Warner Bros. Pictures chairman Toby Emmerich. He was in talks with them to direct the sequel for the hit movie Joker.

However, Deadline reported yesterday that no such talks had occurred btw Phillips and Emmerich.

Furthermore, Todd Phillips also answered these reports regarding the meetings. He told Indie Wire, “I can honestly say to you there was no meeting that ever happened on October 7 where I marched in. First of all, if you know me and my career, that’s not my style.”


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Joker’s official poster. (Image Source: Instagram/ Joker Movie)

Also adding, “I made a huge comedy at Warner Bros., ‘The Hangover,’ and I didn’t suddenly become a comedy factory producer, like, oh, let’s just churn out movies. Bradley [Cooper] and I have a production company at Warners. I’ve been at Warners for 15, 16 years. We have two things in development at all times, not 40 things like some people. I’m not the kind of guy who goes marching in saying I want these 40 titles. I just don’t have the energy.”

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Phillips also said, “When I pitched them ‘Joker,’ it wasn’t a movie, it was, let’s do a whole label. They shut that down quickly and I get it. Who am I to walk in and start a label at a film studio? But they said, let’s do this one.”

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Further addressing rumors about the sequel, he said, “Well, a movie doesn’t make a billion dollars and they don’t talk about a sequel. Joaquin and I have publicly said we’ve been talking about a sequel since week two of shooting because it’s a fun thing to talk about. But the article was referring to other things than that that were just frankly untrue. I don’t know how it gets started, if it’s some assistant trying to gain street cred with a writer.”

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“Here’s the real truth about a sequel,” Todd Phillips said. “While Joaquin and I have talked about it, and while touring the world with Warner Bros executives — going to Toronto, and Venice, and other places — of course, we’re sitting at dinner and they’re saying, ‘So, have you thought about…?’ But, talking about contracts, there’s not a contract for us to even write a sequel, we’ve never approached Joaquin to be in a sequel. Will that happen? Again, I just think the article was anticipatory at best.”

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Joker becomes highest-rated ‘comic book’ film
(Instagram source: Instagram/ Joker Movie)

Joker has made more than a billion dollars at the Box Office.


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