Marvel to Introduce LGBTQ Characters in the MCU
Marvel is ready to kickstart their Phase 4 with new films and television shows. Black Widow's standalone film is set to release on May 1 2020.

Marvel President Kevin Feige has confirmed that they are planning to introduce more diverse characters in phase 4 of the MCU.

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Speaking at the New York Film Academy, during a Q&A session, the Marvel head was asked whether they were going to introduce trans and LGBTQ characters to the MCU. To which Feige responded, “Yes, absolutely yes. Very soon, in a movie we’re shooting right now, yes.”

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Another person asked Kevin Feige how Marvel was going to keep their cast more diverse and inclusive after the release of Black Panther.


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marvel kevin feige
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Feige replied, “We wanted to keep showcasing heroes – from the comics – that represent the world that goes to see our movies.”

“It makes for better stories,” he also added. “When you’re sitting at a table, and everyone looks like you, you’re in trouble. You’re not going to get the best story out of it.”

Marvel has confirmed 15 projects for Phase 4, including Black Widow and Eternals. Many people on Twitter believe that the upcoming trans character will be in the Eternals since they are still shooting the show.

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Furthermore, Feige also confirmed the appearance of classic Marvel characters in the upcoming Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. He said, “You won’t expect or won’t guess who it is but we found a cool way to make it work because we want to make a particular type of movie there.”

Further teasing the audience, “And there was a character who we always wanted to do something with who will fit really well there.”

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The Doctor Strange sequel will see Benedict Cumberbatch reprise his role as the titular character. It will also star Elizabeth Olsen as the Scarlet Witch.

The full interview is available on YouTube.

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