'Cats' Flops at the Box Office with only $6.5 Million
'Cats' also stars a Royal Ballet principal dancer, Francesca Hayward, in the role of Victoria. Along with Judi Dench and Jason Derulo.

‘Cats’ based on Frank Lloyd Webber’s 1981 musical, was a huge flop at the box office.

Cats the movie 2019
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The musical film had a budget of almost $100 million. However, it failed to live up to its expectations and achieved only $6.5 million in the opening week at the box office.

Furthermore, ‘Cats’ has an unfortunate 17% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and 2.6/10 on IMDB.

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The movie is directed by Tom Hooper, who has also worked for memorable films such as, Les MisérablesThe King’s Speech and The Danish Girl.


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‘Cats’ stars Look What You Made Me Do singer, Taylor Swift, James Corden, Ian McKellen and singer, Jennifer Hudson. In addition, Pitch Perfect actress, Rebel Wilson, and English actor, Idris Elba, are also part of the cast.

(Image Source: Instagram/ Cats The Movie)

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People who watched the film in cinemas also gave it scathing reviews.

One person wrote, “Basically what you need to know about Cats is everyone I saw it with who watched Cats one thousand times as a teenager had a fun enough time and everyone who had never seen it before spent two hours recoiling in abject horror.”

Another said, “I saw Cats in an empty theater last night. It was the closest I’ve been to Purgatory.”

Also, some people found the film disturbing se*ual. They wrote, “Watching CATS is like stumbling upon an unholy and heretofore unknown genre of porn. Every time these horny fur demons tongue a milk bowl and start moaning I was certain the FBI would raid the theater.”

“At my screening of CATS I sat next to an 8-year-old child who, 45 minutes in, during a break in the singing, sat up and said loudly to his mother, “I hate this!!!” And I thought, here is a child of superior discernment,” one stated.

Another person claimed, “If you’re wondering “do all the CATS haters really just hate the source material?” then I promise you, no, the movie is bad in totally avoidable and haunting ways. I think I’m glad I saw it but the thought of sitting through it again makes me almost nauseated.”

‘Cats’ will re-release in theatres with a patched version.


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