These Products Are From Kylie's lifestyle : A Day In The Life
Keep up with Kylie's lifestyle. The Makeup Mogul gave us insights of what her typical daily routine. Check out these Products from her Vlog!

Here’s how you can Keep up with Kylie’s lifestyle. 

You all probably know that Kylie started her own Vlog on Youtube. In her First video, the Makeup Mogul gave us insights of what her typical daily routine. Many of her fans were dying to see her new office, but she showed us not only that, but also everything else from her Billionaire life – from waking up to going to sleep.

Check out these Products from her Vlog!


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1. Black Long Sleeved Top with Pajama Set


Women's Long Sleeve Top and Pajama Set

$89.16 from Amazon

This sleeping suit set is so adorable and we absolutely love it. It is extremely comfortable plus it is inspired by Kylie’s suit that she wore in her video.

2.Pink Lengthened Bathrobe


Women's Pink Lengthened Bathrobe

$11.85 from Amazon

This bathrobe is inspired by what Kylie wears in her video and it  is just too cute to resist. This bathrobe is very soft and it looks amazing too.

3. Soft And Warm White Kimono Bathrobe


Soft And Warm Kimono Bathrobe

$46.43 from Amazon

This bathrobe has many benefits as it helps you keep your body warm and avoids chills. It has absorbing properties and acts as a barrier against the wind and sun.

4. Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings


Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings

$10.99 from Amazon

These exquisite silver earrings are perfect for matching daily life outfits or for different occasions. They make you look elegant and the best part is that is this style never goes out of fashion.

5. Women’s White Running Sneakers


Women Running Sneakers

$13.24 from Amazon

These trendy sneakers are wanted by everyone nowadays. They tend to serve all purposes whether we want to them casually or if we want to wear them with semi casual outfits.

6. Diamond Jewelry


Silver Bling Crystal Bracelet

$3.69 from Amazon

You look incomplete without wearing any accessory along with your outfit and Kylie makes sure she wears the right accessories with it.

7. Light Pink Button Front Linen Jumpsuit


Button Front Linen Jumpsuit

$40.00 from Nasty Gal

This jumpsuit is inspired by Kylie’s hot jumpsuit that she wore to her office. You can wear this article both casually and formally.

8. Butterfly Case for iPad Air


Butterfly Case for iPad Air

$14.98 from Amazon

This iPad cover is trending and Kylie used it for Stormy’s iPad. This pastel pink cover is too good to resist!

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