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The Worst Hair Mistakes You Don't Realize You're Making Everyday
Just like your skin, your hair also needs your a lot of care and attention. And that starts with knowing the worst hair mistakes you need to avoid!

Just like your skin, your hair also needs your a lot of care and attention, especially if you crave beautifully healthy hair. And that starts with knowing the things you shouldn’t do!


Make any of these mistakes, and you can be certain you’ll wind up with messy unhealthy hair. Here are the 8 absolute worst things you can do to your hair:



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Going to bed with unbrushed wet hair



It’s time to reconsider hopping into bed with soaking wet hair. It’s easy to take a hot shower, throw on some pajamas and get into bed. But have you ever stopped to think about the risks of sleeping with wet hair?

You can’t predict how your wet hair is going to look in the morning. You’ll definitely have trouble styling the resulting frizziness, funny waves, flat sides, and crinkles.


Running your hand through your hair


You may be alarmed by the amount of hair that falls out after you run your fingers through your mane. Not to mention, it will also make washed hair turn oily quicker than usual. Twirling or picking at the ends also might damage it, especially if you heat style a lot or have some split ends.

Using conditioner like Shampoo


Never ever use your conditioner from roots to ends, like a shampoo. Applying on the roots will only make your scalp extra greasy and will make your hair fall! Conditioner is supposed to be applied down the length of your hair only.

Tying wet hair using a rubber band


Never pull back wet hair into a ponytail or bun with a rubber band! By doing this, you will only snap the hair strands and cause breakage all over. Not to mention, tying wet hair promotes festering bacteria and can result in issues like hair lice.

Swimming without a cap


Don’t go swimming without a cap if you have long hair, not just because it might block your vision, but also because chlorinated water has a really nasty effect on long hair. Use the cap, ladies. It exists for a reason.

Washing hair with very hot water


Ah… Hot showers. What can be more relaxing? We all love ’em. But overwashing your hair with really hot water can actually damage it. Hot water opens the cuticle and lets the natural oils and keratin lose, which affects the natural shine and strength of your hair. If you love hot showers, try using a shower cap sometimes.

Rough-drying your hair with a bath towel


This is a major no-no. Don’t ever stretch and pull that wet, delicate hair! Instead of aggressively tousling it, twist it up in a nice towel-turban, and then let it air dry or gently blow dry. The point is to get moisture out of your hair.

Overdosing on dry shampoo


Okay so dry shampoo is definitely one of the greatest beauty creations of all time. You can say goodbye to oily unwashed hair instantly with just a few sprays. However, piling on too much of the stuff can do more harm than good. It can build up oil and dirt each day and that needs to be removed from the scalp.


So, which of these hair mistakes have you been making?


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