These 8 Old Fashion Trends Are Making A Comeback in 2018!
These decades old fashion trends coming back have surprised us all - some in a good way and some, well, not so much. Which ones would you try again?

Let’s face it. In the 90’s, our clothes were always our mother’s choice. But these old fashion trends are still making a comeback.

Compared to all the iconic and wild trends evoking almost every day in today’s fashion world, all the old-school trends seem so boring and bland (some almost cringe-worthy). However, some of the most outdated trends of the past three decades are making unexpected fashion comebacks!

Get ready for a fashionable trip down the memory lane – because these styles are back and so many celebrities are rocking them! Here’s how they are being worn in 2018.

1. Customized Denim Jeans

(Image source: Instagram/ Hailey Baldwin)

Remember how owning over-sized customized denim jeans or jacket was a cool thing? Customized denims have become even even trendier than they were in the old times. Hailey Baldwin looks absolutely sexy in her pair! Unleash your youthful side and get your denim jeans bedazzled now! In 2018, everyone’s going for lighter shades of denim instead of dark ones.


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If you can’t find your old pair, get your hands on these adorable mid-rise jeans with adorable patch work, right here.

2. Matching Sets

(Image source: Instagram/ Kylie Jenner)

Matching sets all women ever wore in the late 90’s. They were worn casually back then, but now they set a very elegant style. Goodbye crazy patterned sets, because these simple matching sets are now among the top old fashion trends coming back. Kylie is flaunting her set with an adorable knot front.

There are lots of styles you can try too! Check out this one!

3. Hand full of rings

(Image source: Instagram/ Kendall Jenner)

This fashion statement was practically ancient, but it’s hot once again! And if anyone can rock a handful of rings, it’s none other than Kendall Jenner. Choosing four or more rings is a great way to showcase different styles, while keeping them all the same color makes such a bold statement.

We are loving this simple and elegant ring set!

4. Shield sunglasses

(Image source: Instagram/ Kim Kardashian)

These sunglasses have probably made the most unexpected come back! Shield sunglasses were once considered entirely practical and not at all fashionable. Fashion mogul Kim Kardashian thinks otherwise, and really did prove us wrong. They are now coming the season’s biggest and most bold statement piece.

Check out this super cool pair, which is definitely not selfie-shy!

5. Tube tops

(Image source: Instagram/ Jordyn Woods)

Tube tops were so popular in the late ’90s to the early 2000s. If you think they aren’t really ‘all that’, then you’re wrong. They’re back in style with full force for summer 2018! Strapless looks were the biggest fashion statement at this years Coachella. Jordyn Woods rocked her sporty tube top rendition.

Get one of your own here and flaunt those sexy shoulders.

6. Chokers

(Image source: Instagram/ Aushka Sharma)

Chokers were popular in the 1920’s and again in the ’40s, and now they are back again this year as one of the classiest fashion accessories! It started with the Kardashians sporting these chokers on Instagram, and now every girl owns a pair. Indian beauty Anushka Sharma looks absolutely elegant in her sleek black velvet choker.

Steal her style now!

7. Dark Brown lipstick

(Image source: Instagram/ Rihanna)

A lip color that sums up the 90’s is none other than delicious chocolate brown! The style was previously considered too dark or gothic, but now the grunge lip color fever is back! Rihanna even signed up to release her own version of the brown lip colour – the “PMS” Shade of Fenty Beauty’s New Mattemoiselle Lipsticks.

You have to try this sexy new shade.

8. Tiny sunglasses

(Image source: Instagram/ Bella Hadid)

Love it or hate it, the The ’90s-inspired “microshades” are taking over! We don’t how this happened, but it did. They were first spotted at the street style at Coachella this year and now everybody who’s anybody is wearing these. Bella Hadid has been spotted rocking the tiny sunglasses trend several times. We have to admit, they really do look pretty cool.

This cat eye pair just like Bella’s is red hot!

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