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6 Stunning Pairs of Heels Every Boss Girl Needs In Her Wardrobe
Collect all 6 of these always-chic stilettos and save yourself from those 'what-to-wear' moments — and some painful blisters!

We all love shoes! It’s so tempting to stockpile your shoe closet with gladiator sandals, sneakers, ankle boots and leather loafers. (But that’s not quite how it should work.)

It’s okay, we’re all guilty. However, let’s focus on the long term pairs – Yes, we’re talking about heels: the closet companions that are committed to getting us through EVERY important event!

Collect all 6 of these always-chic stilettos and save yourself from those ‘what-to-wear’ moments — and some painful blisters. (Because these pairs aren’t just fashionable, but also super comfortable to walk in.)


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1. Feeling Classy


Women's Snake Stripe Ankle Straps

$32.98 from Amazon

3.15-inch sandle heels with snake stripes and ankle straps. These sexy comfort sandals are available in 6 shades!

2. Feeling Sophisticated


Women's Marty Janes T-Strappy Lace Shoes

$35.98 from Amazon

These synthetic 5-inch decorative flowery lace heels are perfect for weddings, parties and formal social gatherings. Available in 4 more elegant shades!

3. Feeling Sexy


Suede Knee High Boots

$38.50 from Amazon

Steal the Kardashians style with these 3.15-inch suede knee high boots with a sexy lace up zipper. This trendy pair comes in 4 sultry shades!

4. Feeling Elegant


Pearls Wedding Heels

$32.50 from Amazon

Pearl across the ankle-top wedding shoes, with decorous floral studding and an angelic white bow!

5. Feeling Aesthetic


Open Toes High Heels

$27.99 from Amazon

These 5″ glitter sequence, diamond incrested leather-look heels are bound to make a statement at any event. The 1.5″ platform makes these party shoes super comfortable, yet aesthetic and formal.

6. Feeling Biker Chic


Sexy Platform Motorcycle Boots

$34.98 from Amazon

4.7-inch lace up hot red motorcycle boots with gold buckles on the ankle top.

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