7 Travel Essentials You Must Not Forget While Packing
If you’ve over packed your travel bag and you think you need another one -  hold up! There are only a few things you really need.

If you’ve over packed your travel bag (you know, when it’s not even zipping up), and you think you need another one –  hold up! That’s the first sign that you’ve packed more stuff than you need.

(Image source: Instagram/ Allana Davison)

Whether you travel alone or with someone you love, there are some must have items you NEED in order to enjoy each moment of your trip to the fullest – and there are many you actually need to leave behind, no matter how many times you think ‘But I MIGHT need to use it at some point’.

Wanderlust and Beauty icon Allana Davison never forgets her favorite products on her trips around the world. Be it a leisure trip or your honeymoon, don’t forget this checklist inspired by Allana!

(Image source: Instagram/ Allana Davison)

1. Perfume

Perfume is a must carry for every woman to smell good while traveling. Choose this gorgeous mild and long-lasting fragrance that will linger all day! The gorgeous emerald green bottle is also travel friendly and unbreakable!


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Aura Mugler Fragrance

$45.74 from

2. Facial Cleanser

Packing up your skincare products for a trip can be a challenge. This travel-ready cleanser is the perfect mild, moisturizing product you need. Toss this award-winning Ultra Facial Wash in your travel bag which has been a favorite of Kiehl’s fans since the 70’s.


Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser

$10.45 from

3. Moisturizing Body Wash

Trust us, travel wash is more essential than a bar of soap. Lathering up in a bath or shower with this pleasant-smelling shea butter luxury body wash is a must-do on any vacation. It can easily be transferred into a travel size smaller bottle with its user-friendly nozzle top.


Dove Purely Nourishing Body Wash

$34.99 from

4. The Perfect Swimsuit

If you’re surfing, swimming or sunbathing on your trip, you need a sexy swimsuit! Check out this popular off-shoulder angelic white two-piece. The stretchy fabric feels soft and comfortable, and is perfect for a sensual yet sophisticated look.


Women Off Shoulder Swimwear 2pcs

$15.88 from

5. Lipstick

Like the perfect travel backpack, finding the perfect lipstick is a daunting task. This long-lasting lipstick glides on easily, provides a lustrous finish and leaves lips super soft and luminous. Plus, the natural shade goes with every travel outfit!


Lise Watier Rouge Fondant Suprême

$26.00 from

6. The Perfect Travel Backpack

The Burberry Rucksack is the perfect anti-theft travel backpack! It has ton of storage space and cushioned, polished metal chain shoulder straps for optimum comfort. Get this multiple pocket, lightweight shower-proof backpack now!


Burberry Rucksack Backpack Travel

$900.00 from

7. Sunglasses

Sunglasses aren’t just important to pack for a warm Island escape; they’re also vital when you’re hitting the slopes. These metal aviators are comfortable and appropriate for where ever you’re going to. Invest in this classic style, and protect your eyes, and look chic too!


Ray-Ban Metal Polarized Round Sunglasses

$203.00 from

8. Running Shoes

When you’re traveling, the last problem you want to encounter is foot blisters. These lightweight breathable running shoes from NIKE are the only outdoor shoes you’ll need! They feature no-sew overlays for a speedy, sport-tech (yet chic) look!


NIKE Women's Air Max Motion

$85.00 from

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