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Just Fashion Now (UK)

8 Disastrous Makeup Mistakes You May Not Realize You’re Making

by Yumna Afzal

Makeup artists reveal the biggest makeup mistakes you might be making!

Just Fashion Now (UK)

Keep reading, ladies, because at some point or another, most of us have committed these blunders (and most of us thought we looked hot at the time to boot).

But don’t worry, every woman needs a whole lot of experimentation to get her makeup right. After you read these tips compiled by the biggest makeup icons and beauty moguls around the world, all those hours of struggling in front of the mirror are history!

Mistake No. 1: Wearing the wrong face powder/foundation

Foundation and face powder isn’t supposed to give your skin a tan; we have bronzers for that. Make sure your base shade creates a perfect, smooth complexion and covers up any imperfections.

We tend to pick foundations and compact powders that are a bit darker than our skin tones, which makes the face and neck look two totally different colors. Always go for a skin base that blends in with your skin. Don’t forget to GO NATURAL every time!

Mistake No. 2: Not applying makeup in natural light

Just Fashion Now (UK)

Bad lighting can affect the way you see color. You can easily overlook unwanted smudges in artificial light, and it usually encourages an overload of unnecessary makeup. Before you apply your makeup, always choose the right location. A bright window or a room where natural daylight shines is perfect! You’ll know exactly how you look to the rest of the world after your makeup glam.

Mistake No. 3: Using the wrong brushes

Know your brushes! You might think one works for everything, but that’s not true. You should be using a tool made for the size of the area you’re working on. Don’t ever use a large brush to dust your whole face. Since the skin has the most brightness in its natural state, targeting specific areas will keep the skin looking breathable and glowy.

Mistake No. 4: Wearing an entire eye palette on your lids

Admit it… we all do this. Just because your eye shadow palette comes with 12 different shades, doesn’t mean you have to paint them all onto your eyelids. Wear no more than three shades at a time, as follows: A medium one on your lids, a lighter one near your brow bone, and a dark one for the outer edge. For everyday daytime makeup, you really only need one shade.

Mistake No. 5: Using eye pencils on your brows

Never make this one! A penciled eyebrow looks painted and fake. A better option is to use a mascara wand to comb your brows, or an eye shadow that matches your brow hair color. Apply it to your eyebrows with a thin-tipped soft brush and you’re good to go! With the pencil, you can tell there’s some filling done.

Just Fashion Now (UK)

Mistake No. 6: Going crazy with ‘luminizing’ products

One or two products are enough to make your face look fresh and glowing. Too much highlighter or luminous bronzer or blush can make you look very, very plastic. We know highlighters are irresistible, but trust beauty experts and limit your illuminating products. Because that’s just messy!

Mistake No. 7: The wrong lip liner shades

Keep your lip liner shade as close to your lipstick shade as possible. The purpose of using a liner is to create your perfect lip shape and act as a base for more intense color. It is supposed to make your lipstick pop and not to literally outline your lips!

Mistake No. 8: Using old mascara

Clumpy, spider lashes are the worst! Long, fluttery lashes have been the trend this year, but using clumpy mascara to make them longer is not the way. If you want to go for big volume, finish your mascara application with a lash comb. This helps separate and lift the lashes. Also remember to use your eye lash curler BEFORE you your mascara application, since curling them after will make them clumpy.

Which are common mistakes you’ve realized you’re making? Let us know in the comments below!

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