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Huda Beauty comes under fire for telling women how to ‘lighten’ their vaginas with DIY remedies

by Nayab

Huda Kattan has made a name for herself in the makeup community with her expert cosmetic tips and gorgeous products. However, her brand, Huda Beauty, has recently become a trending topic on the Internet for a very wrong reason.

The brand published an article on their website which contains useful tips for women, telling them how they can lighten a very private part of their body.

huda beauty

The article was published a month ago but has just gone viral (Image Source: Twitter)

We’re talking vaginas. The article was titled ‘Why Your Vagina Gets Dark and How to Lighten It’ and was written with what we hope were good intentions. It featured an interview with an expert and board certified dermatologist, Doris Day, MD., who took women through the process of lightening their vaginal areas.

huda beauty

Huda Beauty is a makeup brand. (Image Source: Instagram/Huda Kattan)

Allure Magazine picked it up recently and didn’t hide what they thought of Huda Beauty’s approach to this topic. In a caustic tweet, the mag pointed out that the article was ‘not ok’ and suggested it should be removed. More annoyed reacts followed this one and people started to pick up on the written piece.

The main issue with the article is that it seems to be peddling an archaic beauty standard: that of light or fair toned skin. Many women took issue with this, saying that they weren’t concerned with how light or dark their genital areas were and neither should a cosmetics brand. Others just added to the debate, saying the piece was written in poor taste, regardless of the ‘trusted expert’ who gave all the lightening tips.

huda beauty

People are questioning why Huda ventured into skin lightening territory (Image Source: Instagram/Huda Kattan)


Many spoke up and said the DIY remedies sounded dangerous (Image Source: Instagram/Huda Kattan)

huda beauty

The article also wrongly referred to the vulva as the vagina (Image Source: Instagram/Huda Kattan)

Not only was the piece offensive, it was also erroneous. It kept referring to the ‘vagina’ throughout most of the article, while the discussion was actually about the labia, the outer portion of the genitalia. Plus, the ‘DIY vagina lightening hacks’ mentioned sounded dangerous and a little extra. Dr. Day recommended using lemon juice, yogurt, coconut oil and egg whites on the extremely sensitive area – all to change its color.

What’s more, she added to a lot of women’s existing insecurities by recommending that they first lose weight and then focus on lightening their vaginal area. She said ‘excess weight can lead to friction, which can cause darkening’. Nowhere in the article does it mention that it is actually perfectly natural to have labia that is darker than the rest of one’s body, which it is. The whole area is treated as a problematic one, which must be lightened to achieve complete perfection.

Asides from natural DIY remedies, Dr. Day also recommended using ‘a prescription brightening cream or chemical peel’, solutions which could potentially irritate the ultra-sensitive area. She seemed to be full of bright ideas, literally. However, fans were less than excited.

The article received largely negative responses and a lot of angry, outraged comments. Some people said they were forced to unfollow the brand after seeing the kind of content they published. Huda Beauty is being criticized for trying to uphold and promote toxic and unrealistic beauty standards. The brand responded to the comments, writing that the goal was to provide advice to women who wanted to lighten their vaginal areas.


The brand gave a weak response to the criticism (Image Source: Instagram/Huda Kattan)


Fans are hoping that Huda clears out the whole issue soon (Image Source: Instagram/Huda Kattan)

However, the question still remains: why did a makeup brand try to address such an intimate and sensitive topic in the first place? Whatever their reasons, they have made a lot of people very unhappy. Their fans are expecting an extensive apology but don’t know if they’ll receive one any time soon!

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