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Famous animated TV series Rick and Morty is being taken off Netflix after company fails to renew license

Season 1 has already been removed from Netflix!

by Ammar Nasir

The popular animated  TV series, Rick and Morty, is at risk of not airing on Netflix UK after the streaming giant company failed to renew their license. 

Rumor has it Netflix has failed to pay Adult Swim for the fourth season which is why the show is now being pulled from the steaming website.

Rick and Morty was scheduled to be taken off Netflix on October 6, 2018. However, so far, only the first season has been removed from Netflix. The expiration date of the second season is likely to be November 1st, 2018.

Rick and Morty is being pulled off Netflix UK (Image source: Instagram/Rick and Morty)

The show was created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon for Adult Swim in 2013. The sci-fi sitcom was able to attract a lot of viewers from the world and soon became one of the most watched animated series on TV.

Netflix failed to renew their license for Rick and Morty (Image source: Instagram/Rick and Morty)

The show is all about the mad scientist Rick who drags his grandson Morty into his strange adventures. Ever since the first season, the show has been widely adored by fans. It was also famously responsible for forcing McDonald’s to to bring back its Szechuan dipping sauce, which was discontinued two decades back.

Before Netflix got the license to air it, the show was aired on FOX TV for the first two seasons. It was later available on Comedy Central. After season 2, Netflix acquired the rights of the first two seasons and picked up third season of the show. The third season of Netflix was aired as part of Netflix Original series.

The third season will be available on Netflix for a foreseeable future (Image source: Instagram/Rick and Morty)

According to reports, fans will be able to enjoy the third season for a foreseeable future, as only the first two seasons are being pulled off Netflix for now.

Earlier this year, it was announced that the show will have 70 more episodes, so there are plenty of strange adventures coming our way.

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