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Rick & Morty season 4 new images reveal alien worlds and crocodiles

The previous season of the show aired 2 years ago

by Hermeen Shahid

Rick & Morty season 4 new images reveal alien worlds and crocodiles. The previous season of the show aired 2 years ago.

Rick & Morty

Rick & Morty (Image source: Facebook/Rick & Morty)

Adult Swim has released new images from the popular television show Rick & Morty. Season 3 aired back in 2017 and fans have been waiting excitedly for the upcoming season ever since.

The new photos tease the “promised land” that viewers will explore in season 4. The image shows Rick, voiced by Justin Roiland, walking through alien plants with a smile on his face.

Rick & Morty

(Image Source: Instagram/ Rick & Morty)

Another photo features Rick surrounded by crocodile robots, and there is damage all around him. However, Morty is not in any of the photos.

Rick & Morty

(Image Source: Instagram/ Rick & Morty)

The new season will air in November and will release 10 episodes. The creators have revealed that they will be releasing 70 new episodes in total.  The news was announced through a video of the main characters by Adult Swim.

The creators of the show will also be present at the San Diego Comic-Con this Friday for their panel. These photos are just to tease the fans of what to expect during the panel. Fans are expecting a full trailer to be released by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon.

The show revolves around young Morty, whose grandfather Rick is a scientist and takes him on interdimensional adventures.

(Image source: Instagram/Rick and Morty)

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Fans are extremely excited about the new season. They have also been sharing their theories about the plot of season 4. One fan wrote on Twitter, “$100 bucks says these shots are in the new version of the intro and won’t actually appear in any episodes.”

Another wrote, “Im gonna guess that none of these stills are relevant to the story at all because yall are just screwing with our brains because you just want to torture us some more before it comes out…”

(Image Source: Twitter)

(Source: Twitter)

Some fans on Instagram compared the new photo to Thanos’s in a garden after his snap.

(Image Source: Instagram)

(Source: Instagram)


The animated series has been widely popular with the millennial (Image source: Instagram/ Rick & Morty)


Rick & Morty season 4 will air in November on Adult Swim.


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