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KUWTK Season 15 Episode 1 Recap: photo shoots, fights, and fake relationships
KUWTK made a strong return with "Photo Shoot Dispute." Here's a scene-by-scene recap of all the fights in KUWTK Season 15 Episode 1.

KUWTK made a strong return with “Photo Shoot Dispute.” Here’s a scene-by-scene recap of all the fights in KUWTK Season 15 Episode 1.

KUWTK Season 15 Episode 1

Lamar Odom, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, Kris, Kendall and Kylie Jenner and North West. (Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

1 – Kim’s 37th birthday

The episode started out with Kim’s 37th birthday celebrations. Younes Bendijima, who has only appeared on the show once before, was seen as Kourtney’s date to the event. During dinner, Kourtney told Kim that her Khloe are not getting along right now, saying that her pregnancy hormones are out of control. She added, “I’m constantly being criticized and picked on.” This set the stage for the explosive fights between the sisters that happen later on in the episode. Kris gave Kim a sweet toast, saying she is her “favorite daughter tonight“.

KUWTK Season 15 Episode 1

Kourtney says she and Khloe have not been getting along for the last six months. (Image source: Youtube/E! Entertainment)

2 – Christmas Card Idea


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While hanging out at Kourtney’s house, Kim introduced the idea of a Christmas card photo shoot. Kardashian Christmas cards have been a long standing tradition, but the family skipped out on them last year because of everyone’s busy schedules. Kim said she thinks it is important for the kids to have the memories of the shoots, and promised to do all the planning and set it all up. Khloe was completely on board, and Kourtney was half-in, telling Kim, “I just have a lot going on right now but I’m down to do the shoot.

3 – Backstage at Jimmy Kimmel

While doing glam for her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, Kim met up with Scott Disick, Kourtney’s ex-boyfriend, and asled him about his new relationship with 19 year old Sofia Richie. She asked Scott if he ever thinks she is immature and he said she has to tell him to grow up more often than the other way around. He also told the audience, “Little bit different for me to talk about what’s going on now and sometimes, I feel guilty that I’ve moved on. There’s just some things that are difficult to talk about with other people.

4 – Jimmy Kimmel with Jennifer Lawrence

Lawrence asked Kim if it is a coincidence that Reggie Bush’s wife looks exactly like Kim. Bush is an ex of Kim’s and one of her more serious relationships.

Watch the full interview here:

5 – Meeting at Khloe’s house

This scene was revealed earlier in one of the teasers for this episode. During a meeting, Kourtney ignored Kim and Khloe and then lashed out at Khloe’s choice in furniture covers, making Khloe confront her about her attitude.

Watch the clip here:

6 – Scott and Kourtney

Khloe and Kim asked Scott if he sees himself marrying Kourtney in the future while they all hung out in Khloe’s kitchen. Scott said, “We always said we would try to get back together when we were 40.” He declines to give a real answer to the question and tells the audience, “It’s like one of those things: I feel like when we were together, everyone had a problem with us being together. Now that we’re not together, everybody’s got a problem.” He also adds, “My dream is not to talk about my relationship with my ex’s family.

7 – Kim figuring out the schedules

Kim called sisters Khloe and Kourtney while in her car to figure out who they wanted for glam and to check their schedules. Kourtney rattled off a bunch of demands, saying she cannot get there before 11 and that she has to be home by 6, and Kim looked visibly annoyed at the rigid scheduling and lack of accommodation.

KUWTK Season 15 Episode 1

Kourtney created a lot of hassle with the planning of the shoot. (Image source: Youtube/E! Entertainment)

8 – Scott and Cici

Scott visited the Kardashian cousin and family friend Cici, and she brought up the subject of his relationship. He implied that it is serious and is going well, but did not say much more about it. He also admitted that he occasionally drinks, but said that he keeps it under control because he does not have a reason to go crazy anymore.

9 – KKW and Yeezy

While shooting campaigns for her beauty line and Kanye’s clothing line, Kim tried to figure out the theme for her Christmas card photo shoot and manage her sister’s schedules. She decided that the pictures should be very casual, candid and undone.

10 – Scott’s hike

While on a hiking trail with friend Benny Luciano, Scott revealed that he is genuinely moving on with his life and wants to just be happy and enjoy his new relationship.

11 – The explosion

Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Kris were all at Khloe’s house to talk about the photo shoot. Kourtney annoyed Khloe right away by complaining about the wifi, and then started complaining about Kim’s scheduling of the photo shoot, saying she would rather spend her time with her kids. Khloe told her to talk to Kim, and the sisters got into an explosive fight that was released as a teaser.

Watch the fight here:

After Kourtney left the house, Khloe said, “What a p***y,” dissing her sister for not staying and continuing the conversation.

12 – The phone call

Khloe called Kourtney to see why she left and the latter picks up, crying and distraught. Part of the phone call was also released as a trailer.

Watch the clip here:

After Kim left, Kourtney continued saying, “The guilt that I carry everyday for not being there when they get home from school, not doing homework. My kids suffer.” She goes on to say, “Honestly, it’s like we have a disgusting family.” Khloe seems offended by the comment, and hangs up the phone after apologizing to Kourtney. She then goes back to talk to Kim, who declares, “I’m just not gonna tolerate her fucking rudeness and I’ll be ten billion times ruder back to her every single time until she just cries when she sees me.

13 – The confrontation

Kourtney came back to Khloe’s house to confront Kim about the fight. She told her sister that she does not want to be spending time together because Kim makes her feel bad about herself. Kim said in return that Kourtney is not accommodating and that she is too entitled. Kourtney said work does not matter to her because she won’t be taking money to the grave: she just wants her kids to have memories of her being present.

KUWTK Season 15 Episode 1

Kourtney said she does not want to spend time with Kim anymore. (Image source: Youtube/E! Entertainment)

Kim apologized but Kourtney did not accept it, saying that it is useless given that Kim’s thoughts and feelings are still the same. Kourtney also added that she wants to move away so she does not “have to have these fake relationships.” Khloe interjected here, reminding Kourtney that they are all sisters. Kourtney said the relationships feel forced, and Khloe snubbed her by saying that she should not have them then. Kourtney left after telling Kim she does not expect anything to change.

14 – Christmas card shoot

Kim and Kourtney both ignored each other at the shoot, and both of them were seen talking to their makeup artist’s about the fight. Kim said Kourtney’s arguments were just full of “therapist lingo“. During the shoot, both of them were extremely awkward with each other and did not interact at all. Kendall comes in later when everyone has left and shoots her part alone.

15 – Kim’s baby shower

All family members except Rob and Kourtney attended the shower, with Kris giving a toast to her seventh grandchild. Kylie and Khloe were both pregnant during the shoot. Kendall and Khloe thanked Khloe for her efforts in putting together the Christmas card and all the sisters seemed disappointed at Kourtney’s absence. Khloe said it showed how Kourtney is “so emotionally removed from all of us” and Kim said it showed how family is not a priority for Kourtney anymore.

KUWTK Season 15 Episode 1

Kourtney told Khloe that the family has horrible values. (Image source: Youtube/E! Entertainment)

16 – Next episode

In the next episode, Khloe will get Kourtney and Kim together to try and get them to resolve their issues but Kourtney’s lack of attention will drive a wedge between them. In one scene from the next episode, Kourtney is seen crying and saying, “Khloe pushes and pushes. I’m not up for it.” On a lighter note, Khloe makes a fake painting to try and art shame Kris Jenner, and it turns out that she is not that bad at it.

Episode 2 of KUWTK Season 15 releases on August 12.


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