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The ‘Friends’ guest stars reveal how they feel about their appearances on the show

Fun Bobby, Barry, Paolo and Kathy reveal it all

by Asfa

Friends guest stars Fun Bobby, Barry, Paolo and Kathy revealed how they felt about their appearances on the popular TV show.


The actors all talked about their experiences to The Guardian.

Character: Fun Bobby, Monica’s on-again-off-again boyfriend who had an alcohol problem

Actor: Vincent Ventresca

Friends guest stars

(Image source: Instagram/ Vincent Ventresca)

He revealed, “I was starstruck by David Schwimmer (Ross). Of course, the girls were incredible and you sort of fell in love with them. But David was the one I desperately wanted to like me; and he was the one most not interested in meeting anyone.”

Talking about Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc, he said, “If the audience didn’t laugh, we’d huddle together and Matthew Perry would say, ‘What if we tried this?’ And Matt LeBlanc would say, ‘Yeah!’ And we’d break again and do the scene. It was like being at a football game.”

He also revealed that he still makes about $2000 annually off of the two episodes he appeared on.


Character: Barry Farber, Rachel’s ex-fiance

Actor: Mitchell Whitfield

Friends guest stars

(Image source: Instagram/ Mitchell Whitfield)

He revealed how he was almost up for the role of Ross, saying, “I went back multiple times, and then they realized Ross was the role for me. I got down to the very end, and was testing for the show. At the last minute, they said, ‘We’re bringing in one more guy to read.’ That guy turned out to be David Schwimmer.”

He added, “My wife, she cringes a little bit because if I had ended up getting the part of Ross, I’d have made tens of millions of dollars. But I never think about that.”

Character: Kathy, who dated both Chandler and Joey and cheated on both of them

Actor: Paget Brewster

Friends guest stars

(Image source: Instagram/ Paget Brewster)

She said the characters always had jokes to play on each other, saying, “They would make fun of each other. If someone made a joke and it didn’t work, they’d all turn on the person and be like, “You blew it, Lisa!’ They would bust each other’s balls. And they started adding this thing into the script that they did to each other in real life: one of them would be talking, and they’d all pretend to fall asleep.”

She also revealed, “Matthew Perry always had to have the last bit. If it was the end of the scene, he would consistently pitch something. They’d make fun of him for literally always wanting to have the last laugh.”


Character: Paolo, the Italian guy that Rachel dated to make Ross jealous

Actor: Cosimo Fusco

Friends guest stars

(Image source: Instagram/ Cosimo Fusco)

He said, “When I taped my first episode, no one had seen it on TV yet. While we were filming, they announced the show had been commissioned for 12 episodes. Jennifer Aniston basically cried in my lap because nothing like that had ever happened to her before.”

Speaking about the cast, he said, “They were all very normal. All of them had a great human side. They were very humble—and really trained. They’d spent years trying to get the right jobs.” He also said, “I can work in the most exquisite film, but the minute people find out I was Paolo, they’re like: ‘Oh my God!'”


Friends aired for 10 seasons.

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