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America's Got Talent sees its MOST epic Golden Buzzer moment yet
America's Got Talent sees its MOST epic Golden Buzzer moment yet. Contestant Ben Trigger did not wait for the judges. Instead, he pulled the trigger...

America’s Got Talent sees its MOST epic Golden Buzzer moment yet.

America's Got Talent

(Image source: YouTube/ America’s Got Talent)

So far, AGT has seen every episode ending in a Golden Buzzer moment. Either one of the judges or host Terry Crews emotionally hits the Buzzer. This sends the contestant straight through to the live shows. Judge Julianne Hough is the only person who has not hit the Buzzer at the end of any episode so far.

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Ben Trigger

(Image source: YouTube/ A G T)

Tonight’s episode featured star Ben Trigger, who seemed like a perfect candidate for Hough. Trigger had been bullied for his weight his whole life. He had also been rejected from dance classes without his abilities even being tested. He continued to dance until he dislocated his knee as a teenager. This put a hold on his dancing dreams for a while. However, he stuck to his dream. Trigger said before his performance that AGT was his chance to make it.


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Barefoot and impressive

(Image source: YouTube/ A G T)

Trigger impressed Hough as soon as he came out onto the stage barefoot. His favorite judge got excited about his upcoming performance, especially when she heard his story.

However, what was expected to be an emotional performance was nothing short of spectacular. Trigger danced for barely any time before removing his coat, shirt and pants. This left him in a leotard and tassels.

He then pulled off the biggest move of all time. He twirled around the table to Simon Cowell, shaking his tassels in his face. He then leaned back to do a split, and fell RIGHT ONTO THE GOLDEN BUZZER.

(Image source: YouTube/ A G T)

Yes, yes, yes and yes

The Golden Buzzer he fell on obviously did not count. However, the judges were so impressed by Trigger’s fun spirit that they gave him four yeses. They also said that it was their favorite Golden Buzzer moment of all time, even though they did not press it.

The crowd also loved Trigger. He got a standing ovation after pulling off his gutsy Golden Buzzer move. People raucously shocked at him pretending to be shocked by the Buzzer going off.

(Image source: YouTube/ A G T)

Some of the viewers took to social media to express their thoughts about Trigger’s antics. Some loved him and others thought he went too far.

(Image source: Twitter)

(Image source: Twitter)

(Source: Twitter)

(Image source: Twitter)

(Image source: Twitter)

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Watch Ben Trigger’s impressive dance right here:

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