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Selena Gomez' spray tan is making fans talk smack about the singer
Unsurprisingly, Selena Gomez' spray tan is the only things fans are talking about from her Met Gala 2018 look. The singer shocked fans with her over the top sunbaked look and is being compared to Ross from Friends when he accidentally overdid his spray tan. 

Selena Gomez’ spray tan is the only thing fans are talking about from her Met Gala 2018 look. The singer shocked fans with her over the top sunbaked look and is being compared to Ross from Friends, the Oompa Loompas, and Donald Trump! 

Selena Gomez' spray tan

Selena Gomez’ spray tan was the talk of Met Gala 2018. Her makeup was done by Hung Vanngo who gave her a glittery gold eye. (Image source: Instagram/Hung Vanngo)

Coach gave a sneak peak of her custom made dress. (Image source: Instagram/Coach)

Her look was inspired by queen Esther from the Bible. (Image source: Instagram/Coach)

Gomez said her look for the Met Gala was inspired by Queen Esther from the Bible. She wore a light and airy custom made chiffon gown designed by Stuart Evers at Coach, based on the ‘Heavenly Body’ theme for the event. She accessorised with a custom made Kisslock Frame bag from Coach that bore an inscription in Selena’s own handwriting. Her soft hairstyling was done by Marissa Marino and glittery makeup by Hung Vanngo.

She wore a cross in her neck to complete the look. (Image source: Instagram/Marissa Marino)

“A woman who fears the Lord is a woman who shall be praised.” (Image source: Instagram/Coach)

Her spray tan was heavily criticised by fans. (Image source: Instagram/Coach)

Last year, the 25-year-old star chose to wear Coach at the Gala as well. Many criticised her look as being too similar to last year’s gown. However, what fans were most harsh about was not her dress, hair or makeup but her spray tan.

Selena Gomez and Gigi Hadid pose together at the Met Gala 2018. (Image source: Twitter)

Selena, who usually looks extremely well put together at events, was criticised for looking like she had stepped out in a nightie. Her spray tan place came under fire for letting the singer go out in public with her overly bronze body.


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The singer was also compared with Ross Geller when he accidentally overdid his spray tan in an episode on Friends.


Fans were nothing short of brutal, calling her tan disastrous and atrocious. One Twitter user even compared her to Donald Trump, asking if they went to the same person to get a tan!

Meanwhile, others compared her to the orange Oompa Loompas from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The gown was custom designed by Stuart Vevers. (Image source: Instagram/Stuart Vevers)

Selena wore Coach at last year’s Gala as well.(Image source: Instagram/Stuart Vevers)

Many speculated that Gomez who attended last year’s Met Gala with then boyfriend, The Weeknd, would bring a plus one to this year’s event as well (possibly on again off again boyfriend, Justin Bieber). But she chose to attend the event solo.


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