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Ryan Reynolds plays more than just Deadpool in ‘Deadpool 2’; viewers are in for a surprise!

by Nayab

Deadpool 2 finally took cinemas by storm this week! The highly anticipated sequel introduced eagerly awaited characters from the Marvel universe, Cable and Domino, and also included another special character. The Juggernaut made an appearance and was voiced by Ryan Reynolds aka Deadpool himself!

deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 also introduced other Marvel characters (Image Source: Instagram/Deadpool Movie)

ryan reynolds

Ryan Reynolds voiced Juggernaut! (Image Source: Instagram/Ryan Reynolds)

This came as a complete surprise to excited fans, as Juggernaut appeared in the credits as ‘himself’. And even though Deadpool 2 had some intense marketing campaigns roll out before the movie came out, Juggernaut’s actor was not revealed and neither was any other information. Only super hardcore fans of the Marvel universe had predicted his appearance but it hadn’t been confirmed officially.

deadpool 2

Juggernaut appeared in the credits as himself (Image Source: Instagram/Deadpool Movie)

deadpool 2

He was voiced by a special person (Image Source: Instagram/Deadpool Movie)

And what an appearance he made, too. Juggernaut was rendered in smooth, streamline CGI and was every bit the classic X-Men villain that comic book fans remembered him as. Juggernaut was written as Professor Charles Xavier’s stepbrother and also one of his arch nemeses. But fans did not expect that behind Juggernaut’s shiny silver CGI exterior hid the voice of their beloved goofball, Ryan Reynolds!

deadpool 2

The filmmakers didn’t give anything away (Image Source: Instagram/Deadpool Movie)

Screenwriters Reese and Paul Wernick said they were finally able to do Juggernaut ‘right’, as his appearance in the 2006 ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’ was not taken well by audiences. Hardcore fans were disappointed by his character (played by Vinnie Jones) and the lines he was given. However, Reese and Paul were able to write him in well this time, adding that Ryan’s voice helped solidify his character.

deadpool 2

Cable and Domino were introduced in the movie (Image Source: Instagram/Deadpool Movie)

deadpool 2

And the rivalry between Juggernaut and Colossus was screened (Image Source: Instagram/Deadpool Movie)

Deadpool 2 also saw the Juggernaut going head to head with his arch enemy, Colossus, who is another titan and ‘behemoth’. Reese spoke to CBR, saying, “We always wanted to see a CG Juggernaut, so we finally got that. We also really needed to balance the scales in act three, between Deadpool and friends and little Firefist who has cool powers, but we needed to make it a fair fight.”

Reese explained that Juggernaut was never ‘done justice’ until Deadpool 2, and fans seemed to agree. The character was truly an unstoppable force of nature and his fight with Colossus really got some hearts racing!

It also gave us a chance for him to fight Colossus, two big behemoths going at it in act three is never a bad thing,” Reese said.

deadpool 2

Juggernaut and Colossus fought in the movie (Image Source: Instagram/Deadpool Movie)


Somehow Ryan found the time to voice Juggernaut! (Image Source: Instagram/Deadpool Movie)


The voice over was kept hidden well under wrap (Image Source: Instagram/Deadpool Movie)


But Ryan was his charming self and did both characters (Image Source: Instagram/Deadpool Movie)

Naturally, fans wanted to know why the filmmakers kept Juggernaut’s voice artist a secret.

Ryan somehow found the time to play a second major character with no one suspecting a thing! Reese said, “That was Ryan’s voice as the Juggernaut, and he did the facial capture for him. I don’t know how they did the physical motion-capture – I don’t think that was Ryan.”

Director David Leitch was able to shed some light on Deadpool himself, saying that there is a lot more to Ryan than fans know or suspect. He said that Ryan and Deadpool both have a tendency to laugh at themselves and not take anything too seriously. That is probably why they are good at pranks and light hearted humor – and perhaps why Ryan did not want to reveal he lent his voice to Juggernaut: he’s not a show-off.

I think that’s one of the most beautiful things about Deadpool and I think Ryan gets that and is self-aware enough to make fun of himself and I think that’s the sign of a good human being, the ability to laugh at yourself,” David explained.


He is apparently charming on and off set (Image Source: Instagram/Deadpool Movie)


And has a great sense of humor! (Image Source: Instagram/Deadpool Movie)


His humor goes to make Deadpool more authentic (Image Source: Instagram/Deadpool Movie)

If you haven’t seen Deadpool 2 yet, you must watch it immediately; Ryan’s performance as both characters is a must-see!

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