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Pregnant woman goes to watch Deadpool 2 while cosplaying as the anti-hero, takes fan commitment to new heights

by Myra E.

A 39-week pregnant woman took fandom to a whole new level when she went to watch Deadpool 2 cosplaying as the anti-hero himself. Her husband posted photos of the ‘Pregpool’ on Reddit and Imgur, and she has since received appreciation from thousands of fans.

The first photo shows the woman in her costume at home. (Image source: Reddit)

The woman’s husband later posted a photo of her at the cinema. (Image source: Imgur)

Although most people were eager to watch the second film on its opening weekend, there was one woman in particular who took fan-commitment to a whole new level. The 39-week pregnant lady dressed up in a Deadpool costume to go watch the film with her husband. It certainly would not have been easy to squeeze herself into the tight costume that Ryan Reynolds has himself described as a ‘big, red, body condom’.

Her commitment was appreciated by users on Reddit and Imgur, where her husband posted photos of her. He captioned the image: “My wife is 39 weeks pregnant and really wants to see Deadpool 2.”

The image has (at the time of writing) already received 1,938 comments and has been upvoted over 76,000 times on Reddit.

Deadpool fans are extremely dedicated, though this one fan takes the cake. (Image source: Instagram/Deadpool Movie)

Deadpool is known for his great comic timing. (Image source: Instagram/Deadpool Movie)

Reddit users were concerned that viewing the hilarious film may send the woman into labor. Hence, her husband posted an update later, announcing that they had seen the film and she was ‘not in labor yet’. One user also suggested naming their child Wade (Deadpool’s real name) and referring to him as ‘Kidpool’.

Deadpool 2

Fun fact: the talented Yanis Marshall was part of the music video as Deadpool who danced in heels (Image Source: Instagram/Ryan Reynolds)

Deadpool 2 stars actors Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin. The two were recently touring to promote the film and appeared on The Graham Norton Show where they spoke about how they enjoyed themselves while filming. Reynolds joked that Brolin had written him a ‘love letter’ after the shooting had ended, to express how much he liked working with the actor.

Deadpool 2 promotions have been widespread and unique. (Image source: Instagram/Deadpool Movie)

Deadpool 2 has broken all records, raking in $125 million at the domestic Box Office and $176 million internationally, making its grand $301 million weekend total larger than that of Avengers: Infinity War. However, the merc-with-a-mouth, name used to refer to Deadpool because of his talkative nature, did not manage to break its own franchise’s first film’s record.

Deadpool 2 Poster

The new Deadpool 2 poster was posted just 6 days ago (Source: Instagram)

The previous Deadpool movie earned a record-making $132.4 million on its opening weekend. As of now, the top two spots for largest opening weekends for R-rated films belong to Deadpool 1 and 2.

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