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Kanye West’s new album ‘Ye’ claims #1 spot on Billboard Top 200 charts

by Nayab

Kanye West has proven he really is a creative genius. His newest album, ‘Ye’, has just landed at the number one spot on Billboard 200!

What’s more, the rap star is right up there with Eminem and The Beatles, who also had consecutive albums land at no. 1! This is Kanye’s eighth #1 album.


Kanye’s new album ‘Ye’ has landed at #1 on Billboard Top 200! (Image Source: Twitter/Kanye West)

Yeezus is seriously overwhelmed by all the love he has got from fans worldwide. He put up an emotional tweet, writing, “I feel so blessed. For everyone that didn’t turn they back. I’m in tears right now. I love all of you.”

His album was released on June 1, 2018 and racked up around 208,000 album units by June 7. This was a tremendous feat and proves that despite all the recent bad press, Kanye has not lost his diehard fans.


Yeezus has die hard fans who will always support him! (Image Source: Instagram/Kanye West)


His album ties in with Eminem for the record of eighth consecutive album to hit #1 (Image Source: Instagram/Kanye West)

Nielsen Music provided some stats to back up Billboard’s claim, showing that ‘Ye’ has soared in the fifth largest opening week for any album in 2018. Additionally, out of the almost quarter million units that were sold, 85,000 sales were of actual traditional albums. The album was released by G.O.O.D. Music/Def Jam Recordings.


Eminem and Kanye are behind Jay-Z, who has had 14 consecutive albums hit #1 (Image Source: Instagram/Marshall Mathers)

Its success has only been matched on the charts by Eminem, as both Kanye and Em now hold the record for the second-most number one albums among the hip hop genre. OG rapper Jay-Z holds the lead in this record since 14 of his albums have gone to number one. However, The Beatles still have the accolade for getting 19 in-a-row chart toppers if all genres are considered. In terms of the rap genre, though, Yeezus has come out on top.


Both rappers have been killing the rap game for years! (Image Source: Instagram/Marshall Mathers)

More stats revealed that during Ye’s first week, 120,000 units consumed were Streaming Equivalent Album (SEA) units. This means that there was a large demand for online audio streaming among fans. These stats are surprising considering that the album only has 7 songs and a total runtime of under 30 minutes. Even so, Billboard declared it to be the seventh-biggest debut streaming week for any album.

This has been a big year for hip hop overall. Asides from Kanye’s album, other rappers and friends also earned their rightful places on the charts. There were some who had even larger opening weeks in 2018: Post Malone’s ‘Beerbongs & Bentleys’ racked up 461,000 and J Cole’s ‘KOD’ came in second with 397,000 units sold. Justin Timberlake and Cardi B also made it to these grand frames.

His fans are thrilled and continue to show their support on Twitter.

Their success makes sense, but industry experts were a little skeptical about Kanye’s future success. After hate went up against him for his “slavery was a choice” comment, people were not sure how his new album would be received. He also ticked a lot of people off when he showed off his signed Make America Great Again cap and tweeted to Trump.

However, he has proven everyone wrong and shown that he still got game. His album is currently dominating charts like nothing else.

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