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The Mowgli trailer shows a wild, untamed, and unexpected side of the all famous Jungle Book

by Ali

The new Mowgli trailer features a dark side to the all famous Jungle book story and has a much different approach than fans would be able to tell.

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Rohan Chaand plays as Mowgli (Image source: Twitter/Movie Planet)


The new Mowgli is featured as wild and untamed (Image source: Twitter/Mowgli Movie)

The opening of the trailer starts by showing Mowgli caged inside and trying to free himself. His appearance is dark and untamed, unlike the original cartoon character in the Jungle book.

The cover released depicts the new Mowgli as “outcast, survivor and legend”.

The movie takes on a dark side to the Jungle Book (Image source: Twitter/Movie Planet)

The upcoming movie has a famous cast. The role of Baloo will be played by Andy Serkis, who is also one of the producers and the director of the movie. Christian Bale and Cate Blanchett will be featured as Bagheera and Kaa, while Benedict Cumberbatch will play the role of Shere Khan.

Serkis said, “We wanted to engage much closely with the Jungle book. Its not so much of a child’s fairy tale. This has a reality to it. There is real consequence. This is definitely drawn from Kippling and has a much darker approach to story telling.”

While speaking about the cast, the director praised Bale for playing the role beautifully. There exists a phenomenal love and warmth between Bagheera and Mowgli.

Bagheera is played by Christian Bale in the upcoming movie (Image source: YouTube/Mowgli Movie)

Shere Khan is being portrayed as a damaged character.


Benedict Cumberbatch plays as Shere Khan (Image source: Twitter/Walt)

Speaking about Kaa, he said, “Kaa is the soul of the jungle, the one which can see things are changing.”

Serkins also mentioned Baloo saying that he is completely different from what people who read Kipling’s book would expect. He plays the role of a drill sergeant who really pushes Mowgli to his limits.


Baloo, played by Andy Serkis, would be different from what audience would expect (Image source: Twitter/Walt)

Commenting further, he revealed that people would find the movie very surprising, as they have pre-conceptions about the characters. However, the movie would ‘shatter’ these.

The new trailer has seen good response from the audience on Twitter.

Mowgli will be released in October 2018. Watch the trailer below.

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