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Kate Hudson shows off her growing baby bump on Instagram, weeks after revealing she’s finally having the baby girl she’s always wanted

by Asfa

Kate Hudson is pregnant with her third child. She is having the baby with boyfriend Danny Fujikawa. We are glad she is happy to flaunt her pregnant curves, because the much awaited Kate Hudson baby bump is finally here for the world to see!

The 39-year-old posted a picture of her baby bump on Instagram recently. Wearing a tiny red bikini, the mother of two showed off her rapidly growing belly. She captioned the picture, “A different kind of beach bod brewing??#HeyGirl ?#Sunday #CitrineOnSolarPlexusWatchOut ?”

Kate Hudson baby bump

Kate Hudson posted a picture of her rapidly growing baby bump on Instagram. (Image source: Instagram/Kate Hudson)

Kate Hudson baby bump

This is her first child with boyfriend Danny Fujikawa, and her third child overall. (Image source: Instagram/Kate Hudson)

The photo also featured a citrine stone hanging around Hudson’s neck. The stone, known as ‘The Light Maker’, is among the five most powerful stones in the world and is supposed to enhance the wearer’s positivity and joy. It is also known as the Success Stone, and is linked to wealth and abundance in financial matters. Moreover, it is believed to enhance the creative process and mental clarity of the thinker.

Kate Hudson

The actress is overjoyed about having a third baby. (Image source: Instagram/Kate Hudson)

Hudson already has two sons – Ryder Robinson aged 14 and Bingham Hawn Bellamy aged 6 – from relationships with Chris Robinson and Matt Bellamy respectively. The actress has publicly talked about how much she wants a daughter, and is now having one with Danny Fujikawa, whom she started dating in December of 2016.

Kate Hudson son

Hudson had 14 year old Ryder with Chris Robinson. (Image source: Instagram/Kate Hudson)

Kate Hudson son

She had 6 year old Bingham with Matt Bellamy. (Image source: Instagram/Kate Hudson)

Kate announced her pregnancy on April 6 via a gender reveal video posted to Instagram. The caption of the picture explained that Hudson had been missing from social media lately due to early pregnancy sickness. She explained that now that the nauseating first trimester was behind her, she was excited to reveal she was having a baby girl.

Kate Hudson baby bump

Kate announced her pregnancy with a gender reveal video on Instagram. (Image source: Instagram/Kate Hudson)

She wrote, “We have been trying to keep this pregnancy under the radar for as long as possible but I’m a poppin now! And it’s too darn challenging to hide, and frankly hiding is more exhausting then just coming out with it! My kids, Danny, myself and the entire family are crazy excited! A little girl on the way.”

Kate Hudson gender reveal

The video showcases the couple finding out that they are having a girl. (Image source: Instagram/Kate Hudson)

Hudson and Fujikama have known each other for 15 years, as Hudson told the hosts on The Talk“We’ve known each other for 15 years. He’s my best friend’s stepbrother,” she said.

“We kinda skipped through the part of knowing what the hiccups were. You kinda skip the part of going, ‘Oh, you’re like that? In terms of his family, I’ve known his family forever. To have that connection is really powerful.”

Kate Hudson

Hudson and Fujikama have known each other for 15 years. (Image source: Instagram/Kate Hudson)

Fans have been extremely forthcoming with their congratulatory messages on Kate’s Instagram gender reveal; many have commented expressing how happy they are with the actress’s pregnancy.

Kate Hudson

Fans sent in their congratulations for Hudson’s pregnancy. (Image source: Instagram/Kate Hudson)

“You are the most adorable person on Earth and this video is just the sweetest!! Congratulations and I hope you enjoy the rest of this pregnancy,” one fan commented.

“I can’t have enough of this video I’m just over the moon for you for having a little princess,” another wrote.

Kate Hudson


Kate Hudson

Others criticized her for her celebration decorations, which were not environmentally friendly. (Image source: Instagram/Kate Hudson)

Kate Hudson

A large number of followers also chose to criticize Kate for the balloons and decorations she had around her at the reveal, bringing an environmental aspect into her celebrations.

“Environmental vandalism at its worst @katehudson. And then you have the gall to post about your environmental credentials on earth day. Such hypocrisy,” one wrote.

Another commented said, “I was going to say it a little nicer but it makes me so mad how people do this. So many balloons are released in the air daily to celebrate life or the life someone lived and in return they are killing another life.”

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