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Daniel Craig is set to receive a whopping £50 million for his portrayal of James Bond in the 25th Bond movie

by Asfa

Daniel Craig will receive £50 million to play James Bond in the next 007 film. This a raise for the actor, who was paid £37 million for his portrayal of the character in 2015’s Spectre.

James Bond

Daniel Craig is set to receive £50 million for his upcoming portrayal of James Bond. (Image source: Instagram/James Bond 007)

James Bond

The actor received £37 million for Spectre. (Image source: Instagram/James Bond 007)

Along with being paid the hefty amount, Craig will also feature as an executive producer and will get endorsements and profits. The actor will start shooting in December this year in order to be able to release the movie in autumn next year.

It was previously rumored that the movie might cast a black or a female actor in the lead role. However, this had proven to be false, since Craig has now been finalized for the role.

James Bond

Craig will also be an executive producer on the films. (Image source: Instagram/James Bond 007)

After finishing the shooting of Spectre in 2015, Craig had some harsh opinions about his role as James Bond and his potential return to the screen as the character. While speaking to Time Out about the potential for another film, Craig said, “I’d rather break this glass and slash my wrists. No, not at the moment. Not at all. That’s fine. I’m over it at the moment. We’re done. All I want to do is move on.

James Bond

After shooting Spectre, Craig said he did not want to return as James Bond. (Image source: Instagram/James Bond 007)

He also said that if he did another Bond movie, it would only be for the money, “I’m not in discussion with anybody about anything. If I did another Bond movie, it would only be for the money.

James Bond

He said if he did return it would only be for the money. (Image source: Instagram/James Bond 007)

He explained that it was difficult playing Bond because of the intense focus on his appearance, “It’s a drag. The best acting is when you’re not concerned about the surface. And Bond is the opposite of that. You have to be bothered about how you’re looking. It’s a struggle.”

He added, “I know that how Bond wears a suit and walks into a room is important. But as an actor I don’t want to give a f**k about what I look like! So I have to play with both things. In a way that works, as that’s Bond: he looks good and he doesn’t give a f**k what you think he looks like!

James Bond

He said it was difficult to have to constantly focus on his physical appearance. (Image source: Instagram/James Bond 007)

He also said he was unsure how he ended up playing James Bond in the first place, “It’s ludicrous, it’s ridiculous. When I first got approached, I just thought: You’ve made a mistake. I don’t know, it’s still crazy.

James Bond

He also said it was crazy that he got chosen to play the part in the first place. (Image source: Instagram/James Bond 007)

Craig’s take on Bond’s character has been slightly rougher and less refined than his counterparts in the past. This however, has proven vastly popular with audiences, with Craig’s Skyfall (2012) becoming the highest grossing Bond movie of all time. The movie earned upwards of $1 billion dollars on the Box Office.

James Bond

Skyfall was the highest grossing Bond film. (Image source: Instagram/James Bond 007)

The untitled upcoming Bond movie, which will be the 25th of its kind to revolve around the character of James Bond, has been slotted for release on November 8, 2019. It will be directed by Danny Boyle, who will receive about £7 million for his work.

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