New FRIENDS fan theory discusses why Ross and Monica were siblings
A brand new FRIENDS theory has the Internet in a frenzy as fans talk about why Monica and Ross were written into the script as siblings. According to the theory, the entire gang would have scattered if they weren't, and there is proof the back the claim.

A new FRIENDS theory has the Internet in a frenzy as fans talk about why Monica and Ross were written into the script as siblings. According to the theory, the entire reason why the gang went one way in Ross and Carol’s divorce was because Monica and Ross were siblings.


The new fan theory has fans wondering why Ross and Monica were siblings. (Image source: Instagram/FRIENDS)

If one thinks about it, it is kind of strange to have your brother in your closest group of friends, given that this bunch did a whole lot of crazy stuff together. According to one FRIENDS fan, though, this particular relationship had to be written into the script to make the gang stay friends in the first place. If it weren’t, everyone would have picked Carol in the divorce.


Fans believe everyone would have picked Carol if Monica and Ross weren’t siblings. (Image source: Instagram/FRIENDS)

Emily Heller took to Twitter to say, “Just realised they HAD to make Monica & Ross brother and sister otherwise all the F•R•I•E•N•D•S would have stuck with Carol in the divorce.”


Image source: Twitter

It was this one tweet that sparked a debate that nearly took over Twitter!


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Many fans believed this could actually be the case; right after the divorce, Carol was the one who had it together and Ross was the whiny, sad one that bummed everyone out. One fan even pointed out that despite the show starting with her leaving Ross behind, the fact that she did so to pursue her true self was something people related to. She was also generally smarter, nicer and more amicable.


The gang stuck together till the end because of Ross and Monica’s relationship. (Image source: Instagram/FRIENDS)

Several flooded Twitter to share their thoughts.

However, others pointed out that the gang would have stayed with Ross regardless of his relationship with Monica; he was Chandler’s old college roommate, and Chandler lived across from Monica and was Joey’s best friend. Plus, Ross introduced Carol to the gang so it was unlikely that they would have left him for his ex-wife.


Others disagree with the theory, since Ross introduced Carol to the gang. (Image source: Instagram/FRIENDS)

Others also pointed out that Ross was written into the show for bits such as the midnight mystery kisser, the brother-sister dance and the time when we found out Monica and Ross weren’t allowed to play football. The premise of many episodes depended upon Ross and Monica having grown up in the same house, which, according to most people, is why they were written in as siblings.


Some argue that many other things on the show depended on the sibling relationship. (Image source: Instagram/FRIENDS)

The disagreements were seen across Twitter.

Fans piled on several moments that were in FRIENDS solely because Ross and Monica were siblings.


The 1994 show is evergreen and still has newer theories forming. (Image source: Instagram/FRIENDS)

FRIENDS aired in 1994 and lasted for ten seasons, till 2004. The show won 62 Emmy’s during its run. Despite the show being decades old now, it still commands a massive audience that is willing to come up with new theories as to its premise and argue them out.


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