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Wendy Williams spends the day with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.
Wendy Williams spends the day with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. This comes as a surprise after the host criticized Kim Kardashian. 

Wendy Williams spends the day with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. This comes as a surprise after the host criticized Kim Kardashian. 

Wendy Williams Kim Kardashian

(Image Source: Instagram/ Wendy Williams)

On Monday, Wendy discussed her trip to Los Angeles on her show. She visited Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s house and also met Kris Jenner.

Williams has previously criticized the Keeping Up With Kardashians Stars.  However, after her recent trip, she revealed how they have come to an agreement. Williams will now discuss stories about the family on her show.

Williams said, “The piece de resistance is Kris. I joke with you when I call her ‘that woman,’ but she is that woman and I mean that in the best way. Kris and I bonded. Kris totally deserves every bit of success she has. That woman works hard and we have each other’s numbers, I call her up and stuff like, ‘What’s going on with this headline?'”


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Wendy Williams Kim Kardashian

(Image source: Instagram/ Kris Jenner)

The host continued, “Here’s what we agreed to. The family totally respects my job here at the purple chair and I totally respect all their different hustles. But you can’t do Hot Topics at least four times a week we mention this family and don’t worry ‘Wendy’ watchers, I’ll keep talking about them. The difference between now and five weeks ago is, I can call up the night before for accuracy. I’m in!”

Kim Kardashian

(Image Source: Instagram/ Kim Kardashian West/Instagram

Williams also said, “I would like to give love to the Kardashian-Jenner family. I mean, first of all Kim and Kanye are lovely. The house is really, really white. I was scared to touch stuff… Kanye’s there. His dad was there. The kids were running around. They got a lovely housekeeper who made a delicious lunch. I spent time at the house, they invited me and I dinged and donged. I was by myself when I went to L.A, I didn’t go with security or with friends.”


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Wendy spills all the tea about her lunch with the Kardashians!

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Williams also revealed that Kim herself answered the door.

She said, “Like we all do! You open your front door right? I don’t know what to expect. I had to go through two security checkpoints in the neighborhood. Everyone’s rich! Kim was lovely, Kanye … I’m telling you, I was at the house like, who have I become?”

Kim gave Wendy a tour of the entire house and also taught her how to pose for a selfie.

Wendy Williams

(Image Source: Instagram/ Wendy Williams)

Williams also joked about a situation with Kanye.

She said, “Kanye comes to the kitchen, very scrutinizing like ‘Why is she here?’ ‘What is all going on?’And then he goes, ‘Come with me to the library.”

The books in the library were mostly fashion books. Wendy explained that after a while Kris came in and asked her about lunch.

Kris asks, “We’re gonna have lunch, do you want to stay for lunch?”

Wendy replied, “I have no place to be for 5 weeks, uh yeah!”

Kim Kardashian

(Image source: Instagram/Kanye West)

Williams continued with her story, “At this point, Kim disappeared. It’s me, Kanye and Kris and a big, hard white table, but gorgeous…So we’re eating lunch, what did we have? Everything was pretty plant-based, Kanye is really on his diet… We had mushrooms, there was a beautiful rice something or other…the three of us ate.”

Some time later, Kris told Wendy, “He really likes you, because he doesn’t take people into the library.”

According to Williams, Kanye missed his flight to have lunch with her and also invited her to attend one of his Sunday Services.

Williams said jokingly, “Look. I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe.”Williams joked.

Williams previously criticized Kim and slammed her when she posted some scandalous photos.

Kim Kardashian

(Image source: Instagram/ Kim Kardashian)

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The host claimed, “Kim it’s clear Kanye has nothing for you except dribble and dribble and feeble conversation. It is clear that Kanye does not pay attention to you. It’s clear to me that you’re desperately trying to stay in the spotlight.”

Williams did not stop here. She continued to say, “Kanye makes money, Kim makes more, why are you still doing this? It’s not even about the mother thing, forget the mother thing, because a lot of people will say, ‘Oh, she’s a mother.’ It’s about, she doesn’t have to do that anymore. That would be like Cardi B returning to the poll on a Saturday night or something like that. There were a lot of racy pictures; We saw full boob… sure she has a beautiful body, but so what. Between taking filtered selfies and the 25 hours it probably took to braid your hair that way.”


Image Source: Instagram/ Kim Kardashian West

Kim replied on Twitter, “Can’t wait til my website is active! I’m gonna do live video streaming so every time someone talks s— I can go blast the f*** outta them.”

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An all new episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians airs on Monday.

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