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Tim Chung adds fuel to rumors that he is indeed Stormi's father!
Kylie Jenner has been caught up in baby daddy rumors again. It is being said her bodyguard, Tim Chung, is her baby's father - and Tim isn't helping! He was recently asked to comment on the issue, and his reponse was rather telling!

We have all heard about the latest fan theory revolving around Kylie Jenner’s 3-month old daughter, Stormi Webster. Rumor has it that her real father is not Kylie’s boyfriend, Travis Scott, but actually her personal bodyguard, Tim Chung. Now, when Tim was questioned about the rumors, he refused to deny them!

kylie jenner bodyguard

Tim is a part-time bodyguard for Kylie. (Image source: Instagram/Tim Chung)

The rumors came about last week when fans noticed that Kylie’s growing baby has started to look Asian, which is neither of her parents’ heritage. Fans went crazy when a photo of Kylie’s bodyguard appeared online, where he undeniably looked exactly like little Stormi.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie’s bodyguard Tim Chung is a model. (Image source: Twitter/Official Kito)

Fans are convinced Stormi is Tim’s daughter. (Image source: Instagram/ Kylie Jenner)

Dailymail recently accosted Tim Chung while he was out celebrating his birthday. In a video since released by Dailymail, reporters ask Tim if he is Stormi’s father. Instead of outright denying it – which would seem to be the appropriate response to put rumors to rest – he coyly smiled, visibly trying not to laugh. He then shook his head while still smiling and mumbled, “Can’t answer that.”

kylie jenner bodyguard

He posts photos wearing fancy tuxedos, and looks absolutely smashing. (Image source: Instagram/Tim Chung)

Needless to say, this has only grown suspicion. An easier and seemingly obvious approach would have been to clearly deny the rumors, especially because of the problems they have been causing for Kylie Jenner. It was previously heard that Kylie and boyfriend Travis simply laughed when they heard the rumors, since they were just that ridiculous. More recently, however, Travis has gotten annoyed with people constantly telling him how hot Tim is, and how much Stormi looks like him.


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Travis Scott is now furious at the rumours that Kylie’s bodyguard might be Stormi’s dad. (Image source: Kevin Mazur/WireImage)

Reportedly, he has told Kylie to get rid of Tim and replace him with a new bodyguard. While he understands it is difficult to replace a bodyguard Kylie trusts, he believes he should come first, ‘since he is family’.

“Travis has gone from laughing about it, to getting furious,” a source told Hollywood Life. “He is becoming uncomfortable with Kylie’s good looking bodyguard and he is finally telling her it’s time for him to go.”

Kylie Jenner

Fans say that Stormi resembles Tim Chung, Kylie’s bodyguard. (Image source: Instagram/Kylie Jenner)


Tim made a post on Instagram with the caption ‘chill’. (Image source: Instagram/Tim Chung)

Meanwhile, Tim Chung is getting more famous every day. He currently has over 631,000 Instagram followers – over 200,000 of which he attained after rumors about him and Kylie began revolving. He is a 21-year-old part-time bodyguard and police officer, and part time model. Kylie’s fans have been going gaga over Tim, some even going as far as saying they wouldn’t blame Kylie if she did sleep with her bodyguard, because he is just that attractive.

stormi webster father

Kylie Jenner poses with baby Stormi, who really doesn’t look anything like her father. (Image source: Instagram/Kylie Jenner)

kylie jenner bodyguard

Tim is a part-time model. (Image source: Instagram/Tim Chung)

Meanwhile, this is the first time Tim has directly somewhat commented on the matter. While he did not address the rumors before this, it did seem he subtly told people to ‘chill’. He posted a new Instagram photo of himself the same day the rumors went viral, captioning it “Chill”.

kylie jenner bodyguard

Fans are now trolling Kylie, saying they don’t even blame her for sleeping with Tim. (Image source: Instagram/Tim Chung)

Neither Kylie nor Travis have commented on the matter yet. Meanwhile, fans continue to post comparison photos of Tim and Stormi, convinced they are related by blood.


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