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Tekashi69 and 50 Cent were reportedly shot at during a music video shoot in Brooklyn

by Asfa

Someone opened fire from a white Porsche on Tekashi69 and 50 Cent during a music video shoot they were at in Brooklyn.

Tekashi69 and 50 Cent

Tekashi69 and 50 Cent were shot at during a music video shoot. (Image source: Instagram/50 Cent)

Tekashi69 and 50 Cent

They were shooting a music video in Brooklyn. (Image source: Instagram/6ix9ine)

According to witnesses that spoke to TMZ, 11 shots were fired from a white Porsche that had New Jersey license plates during the filming of a music video shoot in Brooklyn on Tuesday. At least eight shots were fired on Noble Street near the bank of the East River in Greenpoint at about 8:45PM.

This is just one block from the venue of the music video shoot. The shell casings of the bullet suggest that the shooter used a 9mm semi-automatic weapon.

Both Tekashi69 and 50 Cent were on set at the time of the shooting, along with Casanoca and Uncle Murda. No one was hit or injured, and sources at the event said the musicians were not the attempted targets of the shooting anyway.

Law enforcement has not commented on this theory as of yet, and is still reviewing surveillance video. They are currently investigating whether the gunman was firing in the direction of the video set. No one has been taken into custody so far.

Tekashi69 and 50 Cent

No one at the venue was hurt during the incident. (Image source: Instagram/50 Cent)

Earlier this year, shots were fired at rapper Chief Keef, who was beefing with Tekashi at the time. Despite speculations, there is no evidence thus far that suggests his involvement in this latest shooting.

This is the second close call for Tekashi69 in the past month, who told police in July that he was kidnapped at gunpoint and robbed of his jewelry after two men rear-ended his SUV in Crown Heights.

Tekashi69 and 50 Cent

Tekashi69 is currently involved in feuds and has complained of violence against him before. (Image source: Instagram/6ix9ine)

Tekashi69 and 50 Cent have not yet commented on the event.

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