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Taylor Swift's 'Lover' tracklist leaked online, and Apple Music is the culprit
Taylor Swift's 'Lover' tracklist has been leaked online a WEEK before the album release. Apple Music is allegedly the culprit behind the early release.

Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’ tracklist has been leaked online. The singer’s seventh album will release on August 23 but Apple Music allegedly released the tracklist way ahead of time.

Taylor Swift's lover
(Image source: Instagram/ Taylor Swift)

Taylor Swift’s Lover is scheduled to release in 7 days. In an interview with Vogue, the singer called her seventh album “a love letter to love”.

She said, “There are so many ways in which this album feels like a new beginning. This album is really a love letter to love, in all of its maddening, passionate, exciting, enchanting, horrific, tragic, wonderful glory.”

Taylor Swift Vogue Cover
(Image source: Instagram/ Taylor Swift)

On August 14 the full tracklist, allegedly leaked by Apple Music, was spotted by a Reddit user online. The Twitter account @TracklistLover also posted the list on social media. However, the list has now been removed.


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  1. I Forgot You Existed
  2. Cruel Summer
  3. Lover
  4. The Man
  5. The Archer
  6. I Think He Knows
  7. Miss Americana And The Heartbreak Prince
  8. Paper Rings
  9. Cornelia Street
  10. Soon You’ll Get Better
  11. Death By A Thousand Cuts
  12. London Boy
  13. False God
  14. You Need To Calm Down
  15. Afterglow
  16. ME!
  17. It’s Nice To Have A Friend
  18. Daylight

Taylor has already released The Archer, You Need To Calm Down, Lover and also ME! featuring Brendon Urie. Moreover, the rest of the tracks on the list are rumored to be true. However, Swift has not confirmed whether the leaked list is correct.

Taylor Swift tells Ellen
(Image source: Instagram/ Taylor Swift)

Moreover, the 29-year-old released the title track from the album on 16 August. After listening to the new song ‘Lover‘, fans say that it reminds them of the old Taylor who used to sing along with her guitar.


Easter Eggs

Additionally, Swift’s song Cornelia Street is said to be about Joe Alwyn. It is the name of the street Swift lived in while she was dating Joe. Whereas, the track Paper Rings is about the idea of marriage.

Taylor Swift
(Image Source: Instagram/ Taylor Swift)

Furthermore, her song Miss Americana And The Heartbreak Prince is rumored to be a political song.

Lover Secret Session

Swift also held a “Lover Secret Session” at her home in London recently. She invited 75 of her fans to listen to her new album before everyone else.

Taylor Swift London Lover Secret Sessions
(Image source: Instagram)

The Twitter account @TracklistLover has now been suspended.

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