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Taylor Swift ACTUALLY has decided to re-record her masters!
After her public feud with former manager Scott Borchetta and Scooter Braun, Taylor Swift is re-recording ALL her masters so she can own her music.

After her public feud with former manager Scott Borchetta and Scooter Braun, Taylor Swift will re-record ALL her masters so she can own her music. The move will make her past music basically worthless.

Taylor Swift Vogue Interview
(Image source: Instagram/ Taylor Swift)

The 29-year-old singer has revealed her plan to regain the control over her old songs. During an interview with Tracy Smith on CBS Sunday Morning, Swift confirmed her decision.

Taylor has had a huge fallout with Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta, founder of Big Machine Label. The feud escalated due to a dispute over the ownership of her masters being passed on to Braun.

Taylor explained her disappointment with the company in a viral Tumblr post. When smith asked Swift about if she would consider re recording her old work. “Oh yeah,” She confirmed.


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“That’s a plan?” Smith repeated. To which Swift declared, “Yeah, absolutely.” 

Taylor Swift on dealing with hate
(Image source: Instagram/ Taylor Swift)

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Big Machine Label Group owns Swift’s first six albums according to Big Machine Records. In June, Braun gained the rights to Taylor’s early work which gives him the power to allow any of Swift’s old songs to be played in a movie, TV show or to be used in an ad with a fee paid to him.

This caused an online riot against Borchetta and Braun as several celebrities and fans picked sides. Halsey took to Instagram to show her support, saying, “She deserves to own the painstaking labor of her heart.” In addition, Iggy Azalea, Todrick Hall and Katy Perry also made their support for Taylor Swift clear.

However, others like Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato and Yael Cohen Braun took Scooter’s side. Bieber continued to spend time with his old manager amid the public dispute.

Taylor Swift
(Image source: Instagram/ Taylor Swift)

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Additionally, Borchetta addressed the situation on the official website of BMR. He wrote, “Taylor’s dad, Scott Swift, was a shareholder in Big Machine Records, LLC.  We first alerted all of the shareholders on Thursday.”

“Out of courtesy, I personally texted Taylor at 9:06pm, Saturday, June 29th to inform her prior to the story breaking on the morning of Sunday, June 30th so she could hear it directly from me,” he continued.

Taylor Swift Vogue Cover
(Image source: Instagram/ Taylor Swift)

Taylor’s interview with Tracy Smith will be aired this Sunday.


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