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Taylor Swift stars in a magical new commercial by AT&T; she rides a unicorn version of her cat and promotes her new Reputation tour

by Myra E.

Have you ever had magical dreams involving Taylor Swift? Well, so have we. In her latest commercial with DirectTV, it seems those dreams are being portrayed on screen. Taylor’s magical new commercial features all the ingredients for a perfect fantasy, complete with rainbow jumper, magical forest and a giant unicorn-cat.

Wait, what? Yes, you read that right; Taylor rides into the screen on an ‘elephant-sized’ version of her cat, Olivia!

Taylor Swift new commercial

Taylor Swift’s new commercial is serious goals. (Image source: YouTube)

Taylor Swift new commercial

It features the singer wearing a rainbow jumper with matching booty shorts. (Image source: YouTube)

The 28-year-old posted the advert on her Instagram with the snarky caption, “Catch me throwing sparkles out of a gold satchel while riding an elephant-sized unicorn version of my cat through a magical forest because I’m a very subtle person. @directvnow #caticorn”. The snippet has been viewed over 1.4 million times since it was posted.

Catch me throwing sparkles out of a gold satchel while riding an elephant-sized unicorn version of my cat through a magical forest because I’m a very subtle person. @directvnow #caticorn

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The telecommunications multinational company, AT&T, also shared the TV commercial on their Twitter with the hashtag, #TaylorSwiftNOW.

Taylor terms the giant cat with the unicorn horn, a caticorn. (Image source: Twitter/AT&T)

AT&T agreed when one of the users called out the singer’s cat, Olivia, as ‘a little unicorn kitty cat’.

Funny exchange on the commercial. (Image source: Twitter/AT&T)

The commercial starts out with a man asking the audience why they would get the same old cable plan when they could get something ‘tailor-made’ for themselves. The play on the word ‘tailor’ becomes clear when we see Taylor Swift mount a giant ‘caticorn’ in the next frame of the commercial.

Taylor sprinkles gold dust from atop her caticorn. (Image source: YouTube)

She urges audiences to sign up for DirectTV Now. (Image source: YouTube)

Taylor can be heard saying, “Good question, come on,” and the man jumps onto the cat’s tale, whizzing through a magical forest with her. Meanwhile, the voice over in the commercial continues, “DirectTV Now not only gives you live TV on every device but you also get exclusive Taylor Swift content. You should definitely get it.” 

Then rides through the magical forest on her caticorn. (Image source: YouTube)

Fans are now wanting to travel on a caticorn with Taylor #lifegoals. (Image source: YouTube)

DirectTV Now features exclusive Taylor Swift content, tailor-made for your needs. (Image source: YouTube)

The camera then pans to Taylor and she affirms that she did and she loved it. The voice-over then says “Direct TV gives you more for your Taylor thing because that’s our thing.”

The advertisement ends with a screen advertising ticket details of Taylor’s latest Reputation tour. During the commercial, Olivia heroically jumps across a canyon and then raises herself onto her hind legs in an act of celebration.

Taylor’s new commercial hits all the right fantasy notes! (Image source: YouTube)

Olivia jumps across a massive canyon. (Image source: YouTube)

Image source: YouTube

Olivia rejoicing at the end of the commercial, Lion King style. (Image source: YouTube)

The bizarrely funny ad debuted on Thursday, May 3, days before Taylor’s latest tour begins. Direct TV Now is a subscription-based streaming service in the U.S, owned by AT&T. It allows users to stream programming from cable channels.

Taylor’s cat, Olivia. (Image source: Instagram/Taylor Swift)

Fans on social media are taking well to the ad and the term ‘caticorn’ has caught on quickly. One user said she wants Taylor to ‘create an illustrated children’s book featuring Olivia the Caticorn’. Not a bad idea!

Others have made comments like “Taylor making Olivia into a rainbow caticorn is the most Taylor thing I’ve ever seen her do,” while some fans have started a petition to bring the caticorn on tour!

One user compared Taylor’s caticorn to a white horse, which is featured in traditional fairytales.

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