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Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams are ENGAGED: Find out all details here!
Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams are ENGAGED! Find out the details of the engagement, the ring and the wedding plans of the Modern Family and Bachelor stars.

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams are ENGAGED! Find out the details of the engagement, the ring and the wedding plans.

(Image source: Instagram/ Sarah Hyland)


The Bachelorette star has finally asked Sarah Hyland to marry him. He posted videos of the engagement on Tuesday evening with the caption, “I’ll be Johnny, you be June. But forever.”

Hylan commented, “I love you to Pluto and back FIANCÉ. When we get married will I automatically acquire your talent for making everyone cry with a homemade video?”

(Image source: Instagram/ Sarah Hyland)

Hyland also posted photos from the engagement, writing, “That can’t eat, can’t sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, world series kind of stuff.”


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The Ring

Adams gave her a Lorraine Schwartz diamond to seal the deal. The CEO of WP Diamonds told E!“Sarah’s ring looks like a beautiful white 5-carat Oval cut that is most likely F or G color and VS clarity. On the simple thin band, from Lorraine Schwartz, this ring would probably run $175-$200,000.”

Another source said, “It’s all about the oval with Sarah Hyland’s new engagement ring! This show-stopping ring features an approximate 7-carat Oval Cut Diamond in a delicate gold solitaire setting and could retail from $125K. You could say that ‘he did Well(s).'”

(Image source: Instagram/ Sarah Hyland)

Hinting at it for a while?

In January of this year, Adams hinted that a proposal would be coming soon. He told Your Favorite Things host Brandi Cyrus that his pet peeve was when people assume “Sarah pays for everything.” He said, “I will pay for this ring, I promise you. It will come out of my bank account.”

The couple got together in 2017 after flirting on Twitter throughout 2016. In August of 2018, the couple moved in together in Hyland’s LA home. Adams told People, “The big concern was I have a big dog and she has two dogs and how that was going to work out.”

(Image source: Instagram/ Sarah Hyland)

Hyland said that moving in together “brought us closer.” She continued, “I don’t think it’s been long enough to discover pet peeves with each other. I think we’re in the honeymoon phase of living together. It’s good that nothing is already starting, because then I think that would be a bad sign.”

On their first year anniversary, Adams said, “It’s been really weirdly normal. That question gets asked a lot because you expect the answer to be like, it’s crazy because it’s in the spotlight, but for whatever reason, it’s been really nice and normal and wonderful.”

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams

(Image source: Instagram/ Sarah Hyland)

Hyland was previously in a relationship with Dominic Sherwood.


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