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Ray Winstone to feature in Marvel's standalone movie, 'Black Widow'
Ray Winstone to feature in Marvel's 'Black Widow'. Scarlett Johansson is already starring in the film with Kevin Fiege producing it.

Ray Winstone to feature in Marvel’s ‘Black Widow’. Scarlett Johansson is already starring in the film.

Ray Winstone to feature

(Image source: Instagram/ Jaime Winstone)

Black Widow is currently in the production stage. It features long-time MCU veteran Scarlett Johannson as the main character in her first standalone story. Other reported cast members are David Harbour (Stranger Things) and Florence Pugh (Midsommar).

The director of the film is Cate Shortland whereas Jac Schaeffer worked hard on the script. Kevin Feige has producing responsibility. Winstone will join other actors in production shooting in London, and Norway.

(Image source: Instagram/ avengers)

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Marvel mastermind Kevin Feige is still refusing that the long-rumored Black Widow standalone movie is actually under construction. Regardless, Variety continues to report on the casting of the purely hypothetical film.

Winstone previously starred in Sexy Beast and The Departed. Marvel had no comment on the casting however the film is currently under production in London. Plot details for the standalone “Black Widow” are unknown. It is expected to follow Marvel’s other films that focus on a single hero as an origin tale. Winstone’s role in the film is also unknown.

Scarlett Johnson all the way up!

Johansson first appeared as Black Widow in 2010’s “Iron Man 2”. With the more recent increased attention on women-led films, there’s been a push from Marvel fans for Black Widow to get her own original movie like every other Avenger. The MCU comes near to a closing stage for “Spider-Man: Far From Home,”  the time is right for the studio to move forward on the project.

(Image source: Instagram/scarlett.johnson.fc)

Fans have waited for a Black Widow standalone movie ever since. Winstone is world-wide known for playing Mr. French in The Departed. It won the Best Picture award at the Oscars. He also worked with Scorsese again on Hugo, and his other major credits include the first Narnia movie, the fourth Indiana Jones movie, and Darren Aronofsky’s biblical epic Noah.

Ray Winstone to feature in new movie

(Image source: Instagram/ Jamie Winstone)


Winstone is best known for his roles in The Departed and Sexy Beast. Furthermore, he recently finished up a film adaptation of Cats.


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