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R. Kelly charged for two counts of child prostitution in Minnesota
R. Kelly charged for prostitution involving a minor. The performer allegedly paid a 17-year-old fan to perform sexual acts with him in Minnesota.

R Kelly charged for allegedly paying a 17-year-old fan to perform sexual acts with him.

R Kelly loses assault hearing
(Image source: Instagram/R Kelly)

More charges have been filed against 52-year-old R Kelly. The rapper, whose real name is Robert Sylvester Kelly, has previously been charged for total 13 federal charges including, child grooming, obstruction of justice and images of child sex abuse.

R. Kelly charged for child prostitution

The rapper was charged with 2 child prostitution claims. The prosecutors alleged that he made an underage fan perform sexual acts.

Mike Freeman, the Hennepin county attorney reported the additional charges made against the performer. He stated that the criminal complaint describes an incident from July 2001.


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R Kelly charged in Minnesota
(Image source: Instagram/ R Kelly)

A teen fan, between the age of 16 and 17, claims that she had asked Kelly for an autograph at an event. In addition to an autograph, Kelly gave the underage girl his number.

According to the complaint, the teem victim was directed to meet at Kelly’s hotel in Minneapolis after she called on the number. She soon met Kelly and after making some small talk, the rapper gave her $200 to dance for him.

After agreeing to it, the victim claims Kelly took off her clothes and then his own. Th documents state that the 52-year-old touched her sexually as she danced.

R Kelly charged
(Image source: Instagram/ R Kelly)

Moreover, the Ignition singer gave the victim VIP tickets to one of his concerts. The ticket allowed her to enter an 18+ concert without showing her ID or paying.

The teen also states that she and Kelly discussed on going to Chicago but he apparently changed his number and they lost contact.

Victim files a report

The victim reported the incident to a law enforcement in January as other allegations against Kelly surfaced. The girl’s brother confirmed that he saw her at Kelly’s 2001 concert and that Kelly paid her to dance for him.

R Kelly's sexual assault charges
(Image source: Instagram/R Kelly)

The attorney, Freeman stated, “It is despicable that Mr. Kelly used his fame in order to prey on underage girls.” 

Kelly is already facing charges in Illinois and New York. Therefore, Freeman seemed unclear about when he would appear in Minnesota’s court.

He added, “While there are more numerous charges in the Illinois and federal cases, we wanted to make sure that our victim here in Minneapolis also receives a measure of justice.”

R Kelly’s attorney responds

R Kelly loses assault hearing
(Image source: Instagram/R Kelly)

One of Kelly’s attorneys, Doug Anton, commented on the latest charges, “Frankly I don’t understand where the criminal activity exists in this matter.”

“But I believe this highlights what has now become the absurdity of The bulk of the charges against our client,” he said.

Anton continued, “When a top law-enforcement figure makes a public cry for the world to come and be famous by telling their sordid story, true or not, it inherently invites people to create revisionist history and put a different label on simple fan rock star encounters.”

R Kelly
(Image source: Instagram/ R Kelly)

Anton stated that he was unaware if Kelly had met the girl. He said, “All we know is that yet another person has come forward either by their own desire or by being dragged in to the fray by prosecutors looking to make a name for themselves.”

Furthermore, another one of Kelly’s attorneys, Steve Greenberg tweeted, “Give me a break. This is beyond absurd.”

R. Kelly has been facing allegations and charges for over 20 years. He pleaded not guilty on Friday, in New York to the several charges for kidnapping, racketeering, sexual exploitation of a child and forced labor.

The singer is also facing 10 other charges in Illinois.

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