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Priyanka Chopra heckled at BeautyCon over Kashmir & promotion of war
Priyanka Chopra was heckled at BeautyCon when an attendee questioned the actress promotion of nuclear war and silence over human rights abuses in Kashmir.

Priyanka Chopra was HECKLED at BeautyCon on Sunday. Someone from the crowd stood up to question the actress on her promotion of war and silence on Indian government’s actions in Kashmir.

Priyanka Chopra heckled BeautyCon
(Image source: Instagram/ Priyanka Chopra)


Back in February, Chopra came under fire for promoting a potentially nuclear conflict. In retaliation for a suicide bombing in the disputed area of Kashmir, Indian jets bombed Pakistan. Chopra, who has the eyes of both the East and the West on her, tweeted, “Jai Hind #IndianArmedForces.” The tweet translates to, “Long live India.”

Thousands of people took to signing a petition to remove Chopra from her role as a UNICEF ambassador. People said she did not deserve the honor if she could not think of children before supporting a politically fueled fight.

The actress has further drawn ire with her complete silence over the latest developments in Kashmir. On Monday, India, led by right-wing leader Modi, removed the special status it had given to Kashmir. However, since Kashmir is an internationally recognized disputed area, decisions regarding its future cannot be taken unilaterally.


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The silence is perceived by her audience as a show of support for Indian PM Modi. Chopra has officially supported him on her social media before. She also invited him to her wedding to Nick Jonas.

Priyanka Chopra supports PM Modi
(Image source: Instagram/ Priyanka Chopra)

Priyanka Chopra heckled at BeautyCon

During a Q&A after the 37 year old’s talk, a guest said, “It was kind of hard hearing you talk about humanity because as your neighbor, a Pakistani, I know you’re a bit of a hypocrite.”

The audience member added, “You are a UNICEF ambassador for peace and you’re encouraging nuclear war against Pakistan, there’s no winner in this! As a Pakistani, millions of people like me have supported you in your business…”

The mic was then snatched from the guest.

Chopra, visibly annoyed, replied, “I hear you, whenever you’re done venting. Done? Done? Okay, cool. I have many many friends from Pakistan, and I am from India. War is not something that I’m really fond of, but I am patriotic, so…”

She added, “I’m sorry if I’ve hurt sentiments, to people who do love me, and have loved me. But all of us have a sort of middle ground we all have to walk, just like you probably do as well.”

“The way you came at me right now, girl, don’t yell, we’re all here for love. Don’t yell,” she said, adding, “We all walk that middle ground, but thank you for your enthusiasm and question, and your voice.”

Priyanka Chopra Kashmir issue
(Image source: Instagram/ BeautyCon)

The audience member was not given a chance to complete their question.


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