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Prince George and Princess Charlotte's cute Royal wedding moments
With all the excitement of the past week, it is important we look back at some missed moments, especially the ones concerning Prince George and Princess Charlotte, who were mostly on their best and most poised behavior throughout the Royal wedding.

The Royal Wedding fever is starting to die down now and we can finally take down our hair. With all the excitement of the past week, it is important we look back at some missed moments, especially the ones concerning Prince George and Princess Charlotte, who were mostly on their best and most poised behavior throughout the wedding.


Princess Charlotte had a few cheeky moments! (Image source: Twitter/Christina)


Prince George, on the other hand, was shy! (Image source: Instagram/Kensington Palace)

Princess Charlotte stuck out her tongue as the family drove up to the church in their car. Her cheeky face was seen through the window and she got away with the undignified action even though her mother was right next to her.

Princess Charlotte stuck out her tongue at the Royal Wedding. (Image source: Twitter)

It was adorable because, well, it was Princess Charlotte, and also because Prince Harry did the same thing in 1988 when he returned home from the hospital after Princess Beatrice’s birth! There is certainly a strong connection here.

Prince Harry stuck his tongue out in 1988. (Image source: Twitter)

Viewers found it hilarious!


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Princess Charlotte had another cute moment that may have been missed in the flurry. She seemed to have caught the sniffles and let out sneeze after sneeze at the ceremony. She didn’t seem to have tissues on her and resorted to using her premium Givenchy dress as a hanky. Conveniently, her dress also had little pockets!

Meanwhile, her brother, Prince George was a bit more reluctant. He appeared to be camera shy and hung back with his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. He frequently stood in Prince William’s shadow and watched as his sister took center stage during most of the wedding and photo-ops. That’s probably why Kate had to turn on ‘mom-mode’ and be hyper aware of where her kids were going.

That is also why both children didn’t leave the church with the others. They had to wait and stay with their parents and other royals as they watched newlyweds Prince Harry and Meghan Markle drive away in their horse and carriage.


Prince George hid behind his dad (Image Source: Twitter/Duchess of Pemberley)


Princess Charlotte wasn’t afraid to be bold. (Image Source: Twitter)


She even danced around a little bit!  (Image Source: Twitter)

Both young royals were able to get their moment in the sun earlier, as they accompanied the bride into the church for the ceremony. Prince George was seen holding hands with Jasper Dye, one of the page boys, while sister Charlotte clasped hands with two flower girls. The children made an adorable group as they walked in.

Prince George did not get to carry Meghan’s veil though; it was upheld by twin page boys Brian and John Mulroney, Jessica Mulroney’s children. They were the oldest boys in the whole bridal party.

Meghan’s veil was carried by twin page boys, Brian and John Mulroney. (Image source: Twitter)

Old or young, all the boys at the ceremony had to wear some version of the Blues and Royals frock-coat similarly worn by the groom himself. They obviously wore tailored, miniature versions, and had their braiding ‘scaled down’ for their convenience.

Speaking of boys, it may have surprised the royal fans that Prince George wasn’t dressed in the customary shorts, shirt and knee length shirt which he is normally in. Shorts are traditionally worn by young boys in the Royal family. However, Prince William and Kate decided to go against the custom and dressed their son in trousers. And he looked adorable!


The oldest children were the Mulroney twins, age 7 (Image source: Instagram/Kensington Palace)


Princess Charlotte and Prince George added the aww factor to the wedding (Image source: Instagram/Kensington Palace)

Royal fans also expressed their admiration towards Prince George and Princess Charlotte on Twitter.

Kensington Palace also revealed an official statement about their outfits, saying, “The Pages are not wearing hats or white waist belts for practical reasons.”

We are unclear what the practical reasons are but it is interesting enough to know their outfits were all miniatures! What’s more, the boys all had their own initials embroidered in gold onto the frock-coats’ shoulder straps.


The children were part of Meghan’s bridal party (Image source: Instagram/Kensington Palace)

We hope you are all caught up with the details of the Royal wedding now. More news is expected as fans are excited to know when the newlyweds will be jetting off to their honeymoon!


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